New Features on the iPhone 4S with iOS 5

Whether you want the trendy Apple has to provide or you’re just trying to improve a vintage phone, the iPhone 4S has simply been launched and it’s miles Apple’s great cell phone but. The new capabilities and progressed vintage capabilities will have you playing together with your cell phone for hours and will carry your productivity to a new level. From a personal assistant to a progressed camera to the iCloud, you have got all types of new features to discover.


Siri is your digital non-public assistant that comes with your iPhone 4S. To spark off Siri, simply push and keep the house button till you listen to the tone. Then, ask her your questions. You can ask her to discover restaurants close by, do the web seek, study your new textual content messages, compose a text message, name a person on your contact list, upload and edit appointments to your calendar, set a reminder, and plenty greater. You may even ask her funny inquiries to see how she can respond. Try asking her what the best phone is. You would possibly giggle at her solution! No rely on what you ask her to do, Siri let you get it carried out.


New and Improved Camera

The digital camera at the iPhone 4S is the excellent digicam but. There is a flash with this digital camera, so you can take pix even within the darkish. The 8-megapixel digicam takes notable pictures, and will also shoot HD video. You also can crop, edit red-eye, and enhance photographs proper out of your photo move. Finally, you do not have to faucet the display to take a picture. You can just push the quantity button, which makes it experience like an actual camera.

iMessage and Twitter Integration

iMessage permits you to message different iOS 5 users for free from your iPhone. As text message charges skyrocket, this is a splendid function. With this option, you may also see when your messages have been brought, read (if the recipient has study receipts enabled), and you can see whilst they’re typing something back to you. This is a tremendous improvement from text messaging. Of route, you may nonetheless ship textual content messages in your contacts without iOS five. Another awesome messaging characteristic at the iPhone 4S is Twitter integration. If you’ve got the Twitter for iPhone app set up, you can now tweet snapshots directly from the photograph flow and get notifications of your tweets driven right for your smartphone.

Formatting Text

When you choose texts you’re composing, you used to simply be able to cut, copy, and paste. Now, you can additionally format the textual content with ambitious, underline, or italics. Just highlight the text like you’ll to reduce or replica it, and push the proper arrow. There, you may see a BIU icon. Select that icon, and you can pick if you want your text ambitious, italics, or underlined.

Notification Bar

maxresdefault.jpg (4096×2730)

Now, all your notifications are in one area – the Notification Bar. Just swipe down from the clock and all your notifications will seem earlier than your eyes. See your weather, calendar, Facebook messages, tweets, reminders, text messages, emails, and lots greater multi-functional display. From right here, you could pick out to view a message simply by means of tapping the notification. Choose what is going in this notification bar from the Settings menu. Just tap Settings, Notifications, and alter what indicates up within the Notification Bar and what stays out of it.

All in all, the iPhone 4S with iOS five is a fantastic development for the iPhone. It allows you to do pretty much the whole lot you could ever ask a cellphone to do and is extremely person-friendly.

Nowadays, the technology merchandise in global is held it enhancing and give you a brand new era which includes iPhone 4s. This telephone is completely distinctive than others cell phone in the nineteen eighties and Nineteen Nineties. The new features for iPhone 4s are such as Siri, new Camera with 8-megapixiel, iMessage and Twitter Integration, Formatting Text and Notification Bar. This new feature makes our lifestyles extra easier and less difficult. For example, the user can take image anywhere and anytime that he or she want and a consumer can keep the fee by the use of the iMessage to send a message free of charge. But the main capabilities in iPhone 4s is a Siri method. Siri is the virtual private assistance, it could assist the person either solution the decision or send a message whilst she or he is riding the car. With this technique, I am positive that the price of coincidence case will be decreased down throughout the united states. – Chan Chun Lam [February 21, 2012]

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