Change this one setting to double your internet speed

A faster net is coming, but now not rapid enough. We recently informed you about the first Comcast client to get a gigabit cable modem in Philadelphia. And Comcast isn’t the handiest enterprise that’s competing for first place within the gigabit internet race. AT&T is working on its GigaPower service, and Google is working on Google Fiber – all of which promise to be the following big issue as far as lightning-fast net connection speeds are worried.

But gigabit net, which reviews declare will be 50,000 instances faster than today’s net speeds, remains a protracted way off in reality because there’s no infrastructure. So, till the fiber cables are laid, and the offerings are in location, what may be completed to improve connection speeds at home? Recently, at the Kim Komando Show, Ernie from Portland, OR, asked the subsequent query: Will hook up two (or more) routers make my internet quicker?

The brief solution to that query isn’t any. Usually, it won’t.

Here’s why:

Think of your internet connection as a pie that is shared with everyone at the desk. If you have got an additional knife (or any other router in this situation) to cut the pie with, you continue to could have the identical amount of pie that you’d want to proportion. What you’ll really need is greater pie.

However, buying a further net connection and a dual WAN router should grow speeds, albeit it would be greater high-priced. Until you want an enterprise elegance of service, this selection possibly isn’t well worth the additional funding. It will be greater value-powerful and much less complex to see if your network service provider has a higher tier of the carrier.

internet speed

The one setting to alternate: As promised in the name of this tip, there is one element that can provide your internet a real velocity increase with little attempt. It actually is just one setting. We’re talking approximately your DNS or Domain Name System. If this is all of the data you need, click on right here to learn how to exchange your DNS settings to hurry up your internet without cost. Oftentimes, this setting will double your connection speeds. Otherwise, maintain analyzing and gaining knowledge of. There’s a lot more that can impact your connection speeds. And we want you to know the way it all works and the way to optimize your connection.


The example above presents an insight into some of the maximum common misconceptions approximately how your own home Wi-Fi works and what causes speed delays to begin with.

1. Routers are the source of your net: This is false. Routers are merely boxes that broadcast your net sign over a certain distance so that a couple of computers can connect to your community.

2. Routers offer to get admission to the internet: In positive aspects, this is authentic. Routers do make it possible to connect with a nearby network, but a router on its personal is quite vain. It must hook up with a modem for a router to paint, which connects to a cable port on the wall that your net carrier company activates.

3. Modems are the supply of your net: Again, this is fake. On its very own, your modem is only a nugatory device. Without an internet provider issue, you’ll haven’t any internet.

Why does this matter?

Well, it simply is going to reveal that there are plenty of extraordinary variables that can impact the general velocity of your internet connection. You can have a pinnacle-notch modem and router; however, if you’ve purchased a plan that offers mediocre speeds, your connection will go through. The equal is also proper when you have a supernet carrier but are antique, outdated equipment if you want to join.

Before you can double your pace, first you want to perceive what’s without a doubt causing the problem. To decide if the hassle is connected to your device, use a device including Wi-Fi Analyzer to map out your network. Wi-Fi Analyzer will display to you which of your private home regions have the most powerful sign, and therefore, the fastest connection.

To see if your sluggish connection is being resulted from your net service issue, there’s an accessible website you can use to tune speeds at some point of the day. It’s called Fast.Com, and it was created via an enterprise that takes internet speeds very seriously. We’re speaking about Netflix. Fast.Com was created so that Netflix customers could take a look at their connection speeds for ideal video streaming, but it can be used for different motives as properly.

Just visit the website online, and your connection pace can be proven at the display. Try it out at distinct times of the day, and then examine the common towards your net provider contract to peer if you’re getting the rate you’re procuring. Thieves will be some other motive your connection speed is suffering. If your neighbors have discovered a way to faucet into your community, it will take up some of your bandwidth every time they are online. Use a device that includes a Wireless Network Watcher to hold an eye fixed in your community, and become aware of any odd IP addresses that might connect to it.


After some brief troubleshooting, you should have a pretty good idea of what is causing the problem. So, here’s how you could resolve every feasible outcome.

Router troubles:

Replace a vintage, previous router with a new one. New models are greener and may produce a stronger sign. Here are 10 of our favorites to pick from.

Dead zones:

Use a Wi-Fi extender to grow the range of your router throughout your whole domestic. With Wi-Fi extenders, you can increase your internet speeds by around $50. Click here to study greater approximately how they paintings, and spot one of our favorite models.

Connection speeds:

If your net service company is observed to supply the gradual speeds on your network, you’ve got some options. You may communicate to them and spot if another plan that they provide could better meet your wishes. Or two, you could switch provider companies altogether. A unique issue can also have a better infrastructure in your vicinity.


The easiest way to save you, thieves, from having access to your community is to comfy your community with a sturdy firewall and password. Here’s how you can discover your router’s modern-day password and exchange it. And here’s a free firewall you can download to keep unwanted guests out.

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