Is Your Company At Risk Without A Cell Phone Policy?


Cell telephone litigation is one of the latest forms of litigation bobbing up everywhere in you. S . A. Whenever there may be a twist of fate or harassment, wage disputes, or other privacy violations, and a cellular cellphone is concerned, you can bet a law healthy won’t be some distance away.

As a Wireless Management Consultant who has written numerous guidelines inside and beyond, I am continually surprised that organizations inform me they no longer have lively and updated coverage. Some enterprise owners discover that the common attorney’s charge of $2,500 for an employer’s mobile cellphone policy is too steep for their finances. Others attempt to write one themselves, which may be frightening and overwhelming. Still, others are just unaware of how susceptible their organization is without one.

Cell Phone


Employers face growing claims via personnel for fitness troubles allegedly related to mobile telephone use. This is going on even though the technology seems inconclusive and contradictory. While at the task, workers who use mobile telephones have now begun to document workers’ reimbursement claims and proceedings based on the theory that radiofrequency radiation from cellular phones may cause numerous varieties of brain cancer or different disorders.

Employers have to guard themselves with a policy that informs employees of the fitness dangers associated with using a cellular phone and even shows or calls for using a hands-free device. The policy has to the kingdom that personnel will not keep their employers liable for any suspected fitness issues resulting from using a corporation-issued cellular tool.

Privacy Concerns

Are you involved in privacy? Do you have coverage in place that addresses your company’s misuse of mobile telephones? Does it cope with confidentiality, protection, privacy, and harassment? Are you worried about the privileged or confidential fabric, including trade secrets and techniques or records about your customers? Do you have coverage that includes a provision governing digicam phones, which pose an increasing danger to groups? Intellectual belongings, exchange secrets, and techniques, non-public client information, or other confidential information can be captured and used effortlessly with a digital camera smartphone.


Employees may have their photographs taken in personal areas and may record matches towards their employer to invade privacy or harassment. Do your employees have cell telephones with cameras and video functions or smartphones with scanners? Do you have a policy that covers ownership of pix concerned about your agency-issued cellular devices? Do your employees have broadband or Internet cards? Do you have a nearby policy prohibiting your personnel from connecting their phones to USB ports on their PCs?

-An employee of a Delaware company decided it might be a laugh to play a joke on a fellow employee and take a photo of him relieving himself at a urinal. He snapped the photo on his employer’s cellular telephone and showed it to others lower back at the office. When that got a few laughs, he published it on the Internet. The organization is out of business today after dropping a 1.4 million dollar lawsuit for negligence. The worker stated there had been no written policy regarding cell cellphone misconduct inside the workplace. The Judge had no different recourse.


Organizing coverage in your enterprise is a small charge for a record that would likely protect your company from a high-priced lawsuit. Paying for this effective defense is genuinely a small charge; you need to want it. So why place your enterprise in a vulnerable country by not having one?

Wouldn’t you alternatively have a signed report in hand while an employee decides he desires to sue you? A signed file that says he has given his permission for the issue he is trying to sue you? Sure, you’ll go without legitimate coverage in location. You are a sitting duck!

M. L. Taylor is the President and CEO of Wireless Resolutions, a tremendously successful and trendy Wireless Expense Management organization and Customer Advocate institution specializing in helping enterprise proprietors dramatically reduce their cellular cellphone prices. We accomplish this by imparting advanced, specific, reliable service and supplying an unrivaled degree of wi-fi know-how in the ever-changing and ever-complex global field of telecommunications.

Every 12 months, American groups spend more than $22 billion on wi-fi offerings, the maximum of which is not audited, contested, or controlled. As a result, research displays that over eighty of those companies fall victim to billing mistakes, overcharges, excessively high costs, fraud, and abuse.

Wireless Resolutions started in 2007 with an imaginative and prescient to change the way Business Clients manipulate their wireless offerings. After working with the primary providers for over twenty years and witnessing this abuse firsthand, I discovered they want to bring the exchange to this enterprise and fight for customers’ rights.


IRS guidelines require agency-issued cell telephones and wi-fi statistics devices to be used handiest for commercial enterprise purposes; in any other case, private use of these devices must be claimed as a taxable gain. Your agency will be penalized and audited for non-compliance with this rule. The IRS can declare that all undocumented use of a cellular cellphone for your employer is non-public and might treat the month-to-month cellphone prices as wages even though the calls were for business purposes.


The IRS and national auditors have emerged as very competitive in their necessities concerning personal cell telephones getting used on the job. Companies are being audited extra often, so they’re paying critical penalties and fines for non-compliance. You want a policy in the vicinity now not only to manual organization employees regarding mobile telephones but also to guard your corporation from those audits. If you have set guidelines in the area your personnel has signed, you protect your business.

An organization was audited by using the IRS for cell cellphone compliance and fined over $19,000 for no longer having a clear sufficient policy for employees making personal mobile cell phone calls on their organization phones and making business calls on their non-public phones.
Federal and State Labor and Wage Laws


Deducting the cost of a wi-fi device from a worker’s last paycheck violates most national and federal salary laws. Federal and state law prohibits a corporation from making pay deductions for damaged mobile devices, failing to return company-issued cell telephones, or for adverse equipment. In most states, if you are determined at fault for deducting money from an employee’s paycheck for a lost or broken phone, and unless your coverage is worded efficiently, you could be sued for triple damages.

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