Wednesday, September 23, 2020

During this election season, I had the opportunity to pay attention to ‘speaking heads’ on tv shops talk approximately what former Secretary Clinton did incorrectly. Never did we pay attention approximately what she has carried out and how her career has changed lives. When General Collin Powell left his task as the Secretary of State, we heard crickets. Even while Condoleezza Rice left the Secretary of State’s Office; there was no scrutiny, no backroom discussions, and no investigations into the torture difficulty below the Bush Administration.

It just seems that the ladies surely get a kick in the knees when they need to move further in their careers. Former HP (Hewlett-Packard) CEO, Carly Fiorina was rather criticized through her personnel, and via individuals who desired to run against her in the 2016 election. One of the men had the audacity to make a connection with her looks as a measuring stick in which we have to vote for her. It turned into definitely insulting and abusive. In my opinion, her largest mistake was strolling as a Republican for President.

The polls which are coming out in the desire of former Secretary Hillary Clinton; but they may be skewed and can not be depended on. We don’t know if they are looking to give actual numbers, or are they the usage of any medical information? I by no means hear who they’re gathering the records from, or what demographic are they using to determine if Donald J. Trump is beforehand or Clinton is winning. It’s a thriller show!


This is the trouble that each political celebration is going through. If they don’t help former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, you’ve got elected a person (Trump) who has no experience whatsoever, (except giving cash for getting admission to) and has no ethical compass for human beings or for human rights… And ties to Russian oligarchs.

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If Hillary Clinton is elected, you’re seemingly supporting someone whose judgment or moral strains are skewed. The opposition has painted the Clinton Foundation as a money pit. Let’s be clear. There has been no investigation into the Clinton Foundation doing something wrong. There were no outright criminal investigations that might endorse the want to shut the Clinton Foundation down; as they did the Trump Foundation in New York.

Nonetheless, going again to my authentic factor, the men are not as scrutinized because of the girls once they aspire to better workplaces (like Senator or President) or higher put up in the place of the job? I see loads of one-sided reporting on television; particularly the early morning indicates, who shall stay anonymous for now. The saddest phenomenon is: those are tv shows which are subsidized by way of guys, coordinated by guys, tailored via guys, produced by guys, and financially subsidized by means of guys. It’s sickening.

If women are ever going to have a truthful system of reporting; then girls must produce their personal tv indicates at some stage in top time. Women must emerge as a pressure to reckon with inside the digital broadcast media conglomerate. Furthermore, the world has such an internet presence; ladies want to be as strong at the net as they are anywhere.