Handsome hero” cop is latest internet star after saving woman from river


A Florida cop is getting numerous interests and loads more than his heroic rescue of a girl floating in a river. Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Sgt. On Tuesday, Billy Irvin and different officials replied to a 911 call about a frame floating within the St. Johns River. Irvin jumped into the river to rescue the girl because the current began carrying the frame downstream. Once Irvin got to the girl and determined she was alive, three creation workers running nearby helped Irvin get the female out of the water and onto the employees’ boat.



That extraordinary act of heroism is the handiest part of the cause why Irvin is becoming an internet sensation. A fellow sergeant took an image of Irvin after he came out of the water, hist-blouse, and pants soaking moist, holding his boots, and published it on the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Facebook web page.

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