Internet Presence as opposed to Internet Marketing – How Do They Relate?

I get various questions from people I’m connected to online networking structures asking what the difference is between Internet Marketing and Internet Presence. This is turning into extra vital as greater people, in reality, care about being found while someone does a call seek in Google.

Internet Marketing

It is one component to have content material on the Internet that you are related to, which include press releases you’re quoted in, weblog posts you’ve got authored or commented on, articles you’ve got posted online, net pages, and websites you’ve created, and similar content material others have written about you or that reference your call. It’s another thing if any of that content surfaces to the first web page of Google when someone searches – most effective – in your name (i.E., they don’t slim/refine the hunt standards using adding extra terms together with your corporation or field of expertise and so on.). Someone searching on – most effective – your first and ultimate name ought to be able to find you on the first page of hits.

It is one component if your name is so precise that Google best surfaces 968 hits your name. It’s any other thing if you have an extra commonplace call like John Smith that surfaces 326 – million – hits. Someone with a call like John Smith has loads extra work to create a seen (key idea) Internet presence.

That’s in which some simple Internet Marketing principles come into play. Some human beings name it Search Engine Optimization, but that can have some cryptic technical connotations for those who don’t wear propeller hats (having a Physics degree, I used to put on one). I favor taking a look at Internet Marketing in a more commonplace feel style.

In the context of constructing a seen Internet presence, Internet Marketing is quite genuinely – the use of the Internet to market – you – or extra particularly associating Internet content material on your call within the eyes of a seek engine. You could have all the content inside the international floating across the Internet; however, if no one can discover it after they carry out applicable key phrase searches in Google (or any seek engine), none of that content material is supporting you create a visible (there’s that concept again) Internet presence. You can waste several times growing content nobody will ever see if you don’t hold some primary Internet Marketing principles in thoughts alongside the way.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing 101 – When it involves constructing and organizing a visible Internet presence, it all begins with one essential idea: Your call – is – the important thing phrase word you are focusing on.

In that manner, you want to have your name inside the name of the content material you create every time viably. Ideally, you need it to be among the HTML name tags of the website that display your content material. It also enables your name in the first 150 characters of the content material you create as well. Why? Because every search engine grabs a sure a part of a report or web page to apply because the descriptive text appears below the actual hyperlinked Title of the hit.

Often, but no longer always, a search engine grabs the first part of your content as the descriptive textual content. If you’ve got a way of actually using the META TAG “description” related to the website displaying your content – obviously make certain your name is within the first one hundred fifty characters of that description. Also, if you have the ability to pick the META TAG “keywords” associated with the website displaying your content material – obviously make sure your’re – first and remaining name – is one of the first three keyword phrases you choose.

Are you going thru a resume writing or on-line bio writing workout and trying to boom your visibility? Absolutely make certain you are considering the above fundamentals if you are looking to make certain a document so glaringly approximately – you – are going to be found. At the same time, a person does a seek to your name. So what do you do if a person else is writing the article? Ask them if they would craft the thing and related HTML such that your name seems where it will be beneficial to you and no longer disruptive to the objective of the content.

What do you do if the content is already published on the Internet? You can create new content material containing your – first and closing call – hyperlinked to the related URL of the content material that mentions you with the aid of a call. This is especially useful for girls who go through a call change due to a marital status change. Hyperlink your “modern-day” call to content that references your “former” name. Basically, you’re building a keyword affiliation with your “current” call and the associated webpage containing your “former” name in the serps.

To boost your upward push through the quest engine noise to the primary web page of hits, you need to keep in mind where you are sincerely growing content material. In different words, are you publishing new content on a web site you’ve got created, someone else’s internet site, on web sites that now not simplest benefit from quite a few visitors, but additionally benefit from a variety of constantly changing new content material, weblog websites, and so forth. EzineArticles is an obvious fantastic example of a site that now does not simplest benefit from quite a few site visitors and advantage from a lot of continuously changing new content from an editorial publishing attitude.

Internet Marketing

From an online blogging/networking platform angle, Academy is an obvious instance. Why Academy and no longer LinkedIn? Because LinkedIn does – now not – provide you with the potential to post new content material beyond your networking profile. LinkedIn’s loss of continuously converting new content material is why your Academy networking profile will actually usually rank higher in Google than a corresponding profile on LinkedIn.

As a result, Academy is a splendid platform for growing a visible (there is that concept once more) Internet presence in contrast. If you keep in thoughts a number of the fundamental Internet Marketing ideas mentioned above while developing new content and looking to increase the visibility of present content material, your efforts will yield a miles extra visible Internet presence.

Happy Networking.

Ron Bates is a professional in project vital retained govt search. He is a Managing Principal with the retained government search company Executive Advantage Group, Inc. He has added private executive coaching tasks to former SAP, E&Y, Oracle, and WorldCom Execs liable for multi-billion dollar commercial enterprise devices and Co-based, self-guided job search orientated govt education process.

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