DIY Beauty Revolution Sweeps the Nation as UK Women Ditch the Salon in Their Droves

Braun’s well-known shows that thirds of British girls are skipping remedies at the salon in favor of doing at domestic beauty

New studies using the beauty tech logo Braun have revealed a seismic shift in splendor behavior, with two-thirds of British women (sixty-six%) heading off salon treatments in favor of DIY splendor of their houses. Traditionally, the preserve of the professionals’ head-to-toe remedies, including hair shade, facials, hair elimination, fake tan, manicures, and pedicures, are now turning DIY, with women more and more taking their splendor regimes into their very own hands.

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This brand new splendor enterprise revelation from Braun comes at the lower back of recent information from expert beauty product dealer Salon Services, which found out British women who visit the salon for hair removal and facial remedies now wait for 50% longer between appointments as compared to 2015[1] (6 weeks, in preference to 4 weeks). Regarding the evolution of beauty, girls are increasingly refusing to play through the antique policies of being tied to time-consuming remedies and excessive costs. The Braun variety is designed to meet ladies’ unique desires to assist them in attaining the faultless, salon-worthy results they are searching for inside the comfort of their homes.

An appetite for domestic splendor

Additionally, the survey also indicates that folks who do not exercise at home beauty are eager to sign up for the DIY revolution, with most effective a lack of knowledge and training about precise products (and outcomes) preserving them returned: Over a 3rd of ladies (38%) could do greater home splendor treatments if they felt confident they had to get the identical outcomes as a salon Over 1 / 4 of women (28%) could do greater splendor remedies at home if they had greater facts on which products to use.

Real splendor should not imply a sacrifice.

When asked why they had been turning to DIY remedies, three-fourths of ladies (66%) said they now carry out domestic beauty because journeys to the salon are too highly-priced. This outgoing is also seen as a luxury using most people of these polled (sixty-nine%), perhaps indicating why such a lot are choosing to take back manage their splendor regimes. Furthermore, an amazing 97% of British women say they can keep up to £1200 a year by using their beauty protection.

The survey also discovered that women sense that there are greater essential matters to spend this cash on, which include:

New garments (20%)
A vacation (forty-two%)
A realistic one in ten of these polled (10%) might even place this cash in the direction of their rent or mortgage, showing the actual dent salon remedies have at the state’s purses!

The real price, however, is more of an emotional one:

Nearly 1/2 of respondents (forty-five%) resent having to spend this money on salon splendor
50% say the rate takes far from their amusement of a visit to the salon

Taking matters into our very own fingers

This study from Braun shows that in terms of splendor, ladies across the United Kingdom are seeking remedies that supply the results they want but at a fraction of the charge – and in their phrases:

More than 1 / 4 want facials had been extra low-cost (26%). Nearly half of those polled (48%) desired to become actual IPL or laser hair elimination and anti-cellulite treatments. The survey additionally reveals that unwanted hair is the top precedence for British girls on the subject of at-home splendor, with hair elimination topping the list of the most popular DIY beauty treatments[2]:

Nearly three-quarters (71%) of girls pick to do this in the privacy of their very own homes. Over 1 / 4 (26%) of girls say domestic hair elimination saves them the most money for DIY instead of salon remedies.

Overall, the well-known studies show how British ladies want salon-worth treatments within the comfort of their homes and salon-worthy consequences that do not devour into their overdraft; domestic splendor shouldn’t imply a compromise on first-rate. This method that DIY beauty merchandise wants to be safe, smooth to use, and green and deliver long-lasting, pleasant outcomes that women know they can believe.



Braun, the professionals in at-home beauty, realize this need for efficacy, precision, niceness, and acceptance as true when it comes to DIY beauty and, for this reason, offer various epilators, at-home IPL gadgets, and exfoliation systems that make it less complicated, more affordable and extra relaxed than ever to achieve everlasting, see results in your private home.

For more information, pics, or request samples, please get in touch with Braun@HKStrategies.Com or test us out on social media: @Braun_beauty, #BringingBeautyHome.

1. A survey conducted in the United Kingdom by Salon Services; 2014 and 2016; 2,557 Respondents; Salon Services customers (salon agencies) – ‘Average variety of weeks between girl visits for hair and beauty salon remedies in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2014 and 2016, by way of a kind’.

2. Seventy-one% of respondents said they supplemented hair elimination treatments with at-home splendor.

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