The reason why it’s crucial to keep SEO at the top of your resolutions for the new year’s list

As someone in SEO, You might think I’m biased on this subject. However, I’m here to inform you of how vital the organic nature of search can be to your 2022 plan (and over!). I believe your organic presence and SEO efforts will become more crucial in 2022 than ever.

Let’s first examine some crucial statistics: don’t gamble the future of your page like you were in a casino. 2021 will see that organic searches will be the primary driver of 53% of all internet traffic. This is despite several seismic changes in the behavior of consumers, the growth of mobile searches, and the drastic shifts in search engine results webpage (SERP) design, which include maps, local searches, and featured snippets of content, all of which have pushed more organic search to the bottom of the page. Organic remains the channel that brings the highest website traffic by a considerable distance.

But that’s not all the evidence that proves the importance of SEO:

However, it’s not only about the quality of organically driven traffic. It’s not enough for a website to be visible organically on search engine results pages. SEOs want to be the most visible for the essential queries of customers across the entire marketing funnel to generate more revenues and traffic to the business. This is where SEO as a field is about increasing the visibility of your website via higher ranking and, additionally, by being featured in the SERP pages like the Knowledge Panel.

The data on click-through rates in SERPs demonstrates how crucial SEO is. Has anyone ever visited the 2nd page?

Then, studies show that the top five organic results get the highest number of clicks (approx 70 percent). The percentage decreases sharply from the first to the fifth position. The top part receives 28-34% of clicks (depending on the design of the results and the SERP features provided to the user for that particular search). The second spot claims 15-17% of clicks, the third position claims 11% of clicks, and so on – you can see the image.

With that thought being said, it’s not surprising that we’re prone to claim that the second page of Google is where content is discarded in SEO.

In short, Organic as a portion of the pie is enormous and likely to increase. SEO is about ensuring your company gets a larger share of that pie. It’s simple!

A growing portion of our customers in B2C and B2B is online.

The last few years have witnessed a rise in the digital transformation process caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Internet use has increased, which means the number of users searching for what they’re looking for is unprecedented. In B2B, such cases, for instance, combined searches (organic or paid), are now 76% of all traffic. In some ways, this has allowed some B2B companies to rely less on traditional marketing methods like exhibitions and events and more on digital channels.

In 2022, and still battling instability and uncertainty, investing in SEO to help your business grow over the long term is a good idea. Although SEO isn’t a quick victory and takes several months and years of constant effort, it’s relatively easy to keep building a solid base once you’ve reached the point of success.

This could be a striking contrast to other methods like PPC ads to activate sales, where you must continuously pump the budget into campaigns every month to reap the benefits of your investment. When they’re shut off, all use is eliminated.

But that’s not to suggest that paid media campaigns aren’t essential for online success, particularly ones that aim to increase brand recognition over time. According to research that integrates PPC and organic SEO initiatives, both born and organic SEO should go together, resulting in an increase of 25% in clicks and 27% in revenue over unrelated or disjointed industries.

It is crucial to develop integrated, omnichannel digital marketing strategies and not to concentrate on one channel separately. Instead, savvy marketers will keep SEO as the foundation of their marketing strategies. From 2022 onwards, disregard SEO at your own risk.

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