EKEN Sports Camera-Enjoy Its Fascination

As the name indicates, it is a camera committed to sports activities. Although our clever mobile phone possesses the function to take HD video, every so often, it can now not convenient to apply the phone to take an image or video. For instance, the phone cannot take portable video, and it doesn’t have a water-resistant feature. Thus, if you want to record the instant when you are touring or doing the game, it needs to depend upon the greater expert device.

The requirement of the sports digicam

·Lightness. In preferred, the sports activities digicam want to be worn in the body, so the weight experience cannot be an excessive amount of heavier. Most of the goods on the market are around 100g.

·Three anti(Waterproof/dirt-evidence/crash). The safety stage relies upon the method of the manufacturers.

·Shooting clear. Sports digicam taking pictures relies specifically upon the grasp chip, picture sensor, and lens. If simplest do not forget the issue of the high pixel, it could now not shoot clear.

·The colorful add-ons. Only the accessories are colorful. Can we tie the digital camera to our head, fix it on the motorbike or put on it on the dog to take the shocking video? In a phrase, it may show its fascination whilst we unlock our fingers.

·Outstanding anti-shake feature.

EKEN Sports Camera


·Simple working manner.

In precise, the digicam is a small, portable, waterproof, shock-evidence digital camera. This sports camera changed extensively on intense recreation (Surfing, skiing, restriction cycling, and parachuting) usage. In the location of the sports activities digicam, GoPro had always occupied the pinnacle one. However, the conventional video system producers have started to release a spread of portable digital camera merchandise with their very own exclusive traits.

Next, we will suggest a few dependable digital cameras for you. EKEN, a high-tech employer specializing in designing and manufacturing innovative products of Action Cameras and Car DVRs, gives complete, customized solutions to customers, received leading popularity in electronic and generation industries.


The comparison of EKEN H8 PRO and EKEN H8 Plus

Eken H8 Pro capabilities the Sony IMX078 image sensor simultaneously as Eken H8 Plus is equipped with Sony IMX117. Both of them characteristic the new Ambarella A12S75 chipset, which allows them to record proper movies and shoot 12MP pix.

Both the Eken H8 Pro and have presentations, one large rear 2″ in which we will see what is in the frame and exchange settings or evaluate films and images recorded, and one small the front screen in which we will see the recording time, mode, and the decision in use. The rear display is no touch display in any of the 2 versions. H8 Plus has a gyro stabilizer or EIS (electronic photograph stabilizer) additionally.

Both the H8 Plus and H8 Pro are furnished with a faraway control and feature a 1050mAh battery that may file about an hour at 4K resolution @ 30fps and 1080p @ 60fps. You can discover extra batteries for less than 10 $. The videos are stored on a micro SD card up to 32GB. They also have WiFi, an EZ app to control the cam via the phone, micro HDMI, and micro USB output.

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