Five vital Android settings that save your apps, statistics, battery and extra

No count number what you do on Android; there are five settings that everybody should know. These important functions range from one that limits your cellular statistics use to a cloud backup setting that preserves your data if terrible things appear to your handset. My Live Updates

Note: I examined these hints on a Nexus 5X walking Android version 7.1.2. The settings for your phone may additionally range depending on the make and version of your handset.

Turn on Data Saver

Unless you’ve got signed up for one of those steeply-priced unlimited records plans, you’re in all likelihood keeping a watch on your cell statistics uses. Unfortunately, Android apps are infamous for gobbling up more than their honest proportion of facts, specifically while sitting within the heritage.

That’s why you have to activate Android’s Data Saver function without delay. With Data Saver enabled, your Android handset will restrict the history use of cellular information, thereby saving you from any unpleasant surprises on your month-to-month cellular invoice.

Just tap Settings > Data Usage > Data Saver, then turns on the switch.

Blocking heritage mobile facts has its downsides. For instance, Data Saver will preserve Gmail from fetching new messages. Twitter won’t notify you of mentions, except you manually reload your feed. Your preferred information app might not refresh its articles till you open it in the foreground.


Luckily, you can pick out and pick out which apps can continue to apply historical past cell statistics at the same time as Data Saver is enabled. On the Data Saver settings display screen, tap Unrestricted records get admission to, then turn the switches after the apps you need Data Saver to bypass even as it’s blocking history cellular statistics use.

Bonus tip: You’ll want to show Data Saver off before using your Android phone as a cellular hotspot. That in itself isn’t always a big deal, but do not forget to show Data Saver returned on as soon as you turn your handset’s hotspot off. I’ve made that mistake myself, and I’ve got the data overage charges to show it.

Turn off Data Roaming

Android settings

Even if you’ve were given the coins for a vast information plan, you could nevertheless end up with unexpected data fees if you’ve were given this specific putting enabled.

Android’s Data Roaming characteristic lets your cell phone use cellular statistics when you’re “roaming” on another network (normally due to the fact you’ve wandered from your carrier’s coverage location). That’s accessible if consistent cellular facts get admission to is your top priority. However, it can also cause hefty facts prices in case you’re no longer care.

To make sure that Data Roaming is switched off, faucet Settings > Data utilization, faucet the 3-dot button within the top-right nook of the display, tap Cellular Network, then flip off the Data Roaming placing.

Turn off the Unknown Sources setting.

One of the beauties of Android is that you’re no longer restricted to the Google Play shop in terms of apps. Indeed, you could download and deploy apps from any 1/3-birthday party app shop or website—from Amazon, the app saves and DownloadAtoZ to Mobango and SlideMe—without having to root your device.

However, the trouble with third-party app shops is that they do not necessarily go to the lengths that Google does to make sure their apps are malware-unfastened. Even worse, you can land upon an iffy website that attempts to put in an unpleasant piece of malware in your cell phone without asking first.

That’s why you need to ensure Android’s Unknown Sources setting is turned off—or at the least, almost continually off.

When enabled, the Unknown Sources putting opens the door to any 1/3-celebration apps that want to install themselves—invited or no longer—onto your handset. Turn Unknown Sources off, and your Android phone will block the set up of any app that isn’t from the Google Play save.

I recommend keeping Unknown Sources off quite a lot all of the time unless you occur to be downloading apps from a third-birthday party source that you trust. Once you’re achieved installing, make certain to switch off Unknown Sources once more. To toggle the Unknown Sources placing on or off, faucet Settings > Security. You’ll find the Unknown Sources placing about midway down the listing of security settings.


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