Samsung may finally bow to the demands of consumers with the future foldable phone it is developing but is it the best option?

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is possibly the top-selling folding phone Samsung has ever launched and is, at a minimum, comparable to the clamshell-style Galaxy Z Flip 3. It’s not free of criticisms, though, especially true of the poor front-facing camera hidden under the display. Alongside the increased durability, The Galaxy Z Fold 3 ignited excitement with its ability to work with the S Pen, Samsung’s Wacom-powered stylus. However, the new feature was accompanied by one major flaw that nearly ended the functionality for a lot of users. Designers have come up with 3D renderings that attempt to imagine what the next version will look similar to should Samsung offer the stylus an area to rest in the phone that folds.


The S Pen for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 fulfilled the dreams of having a digital notebook that can open to draw or write on. Like analog notebooks, this S Pen didn’t slide inside the phone, as it did with the last Galaxy Note phone series. Samsung was trying to defend this change by pointing to the pen’s dimensions, which didn’t fit in the phone as well as the upgraded equipment it needed to squeeze into the giant stick; however, these excuses didn’t work with a lot of people, particularly Samsung’s fan base.

The design of this device meant that Galaxy Z Fold 3 owners were required to purchase and carry the S Pen separately, which could result in the loss of the stylus or breaking it in the accident. Samsung employed a similar approach in its Galaxy S21 Ultra last year. However, it released the case with an area to store the S Pen. However, the first flip cover removed by Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 felt like a joke, but it was not as sound design and usability.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra this year, including a silo to accommodate S Pen, the S Pen, rumors and hopes are suggest that would be coming to the Galaxy Z Fold 4 would be the same. These renderings are based on unofficial sources and maybe some speculation and illustrate what the foldable phone could look like if it came with S Pen built-in. S Pen built-in. The phone does not look any different from the other models.

It’s almost like the creator used the Galaxy Z Fold 3 model and then cut out a complete model for an S Pen ala the Galaxy S22 Ultra. There are almost no noticeable modifications apart from that, which could make sense for people who were dissatisfied with the cameras of last year. However, it’s too to be determined whether this will be the scenario.

Although an S Pen in the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will undoubtedly solve the issue of speed and ease of use, it does raise the issue of whether it’s the most efficient solution or a temporary solution. Even though it does fine when playing on an online casino, the most ardent fans of Samsung’s stylus admit to having their hands are aching after prolonged usage, and even the bigger Galaxy Z Fold 3 S Pen could feel a little squeezed. A stick that is always in the right place for notes and sketches is undoubtedly better than having to hunt to find a pen, but it’s not the most ergonomic device also.

Samsung has a more significant S Pen Pro that offers many more features and, more importantly, provides a more comfortable grip for those that need to utilize the stylus longer than a couple of minutes. However, this leads us back to where to store the stylus. The S Pen Pro is much larger than the iPhone, which means no or any of these cases, even designs from third parties will work.

There’s no simple solution to this design problem. At least, not yet. However, Samsung could have eased some issues by putting together cases to fit the Galaxy Z Fold 3. As of now, it has just one official chance that can accommodate the opened S Pen, making it appear as if it was more of an afterthought than an essential selling feature. However, it did allow accessory makers and more imaginative owners the ability to create their solutions that performed and looked better than the official Samsung product. It’s not ideal, but it doesn’t make a good impression on Samsung’s image within the design world when it can’t even come up with an acceptable solution for such an expensive smartphone.

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