London attacker’s mum blames the Internet for his radicalisation

ROME The mother of the Italian-Moroccan jihadist who helped carry out a lethal attack in London final week said on Tuesday she had tried to preserve her son from falling under the sway of Islamic State ideology. Still, the Internet and his London buddies modified him.

Ms. Valeria Khadija Collina, who is Italian and transformed to Islam, spoke in an interview with Italy’s L’Espresso news magazine about her son, Youssef Zaghba, 22, one of the perpetrators of the June three attack.

“When kids make errors, parents constantly experience some guilt. But I did my high-quality, and I think he becomes worn down on the inside,” she stated.

Ms. Collina lives near the northern town of Bologna. “We always stored music of his pals and made certain he didn’t fall in with the wrong human beings. But he had the Internet, and that’s where the whole thing comes from,” she stated.



Ms. Collina visited her son in London, and “that neighborhood did no longer make my experience comfortable”, she said.

“I became there and failed to adore it. He spent his time with the wrong form of people.”

Ms. Collina stated she had spoken to Italy’s anti-terrorism police last 12 months after her son avoided visiting the Middle East and that they have been those to informed her on Tuesday that her son had one of the men who executed the assault. – REUTERS
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