Who Is Deborah Bollman?

Deborah Bollman is the stenographer who caught the Wisconsin basketball players’ attention on the interview stage while typing 300WPM for interview transcripts. Let’s learn more about Deborah Bollman and how she got famous.

Who Is Deborah Bollman?

Full Name- Debra Bollman Farfan or Deborah Bollman

Birth- 1973

Place Of Birth- United States

Profession- Reporter (stenographer)

Qualification- Graduate

Deborah Bollman has been the President of Caption CART for a long time. She is a quick Sports transcriber from Riverside, CA. She types 300 WPM for interview records.

In January 1997, Deborah Bollman enlisted in the NCRA (Public Court Correspondents Affiliation). Since January 2001, Bollman filled in as a recorder for Subtitle Truck, Inc. Later, she was diverted into the president of Caption CAR, T, which provides subtitling and continuing record administrations.

Deborah Bollman

Deborah Bollman now lives in Norco, CA. She is now married to Anthony J. Farfan. Deborah now concentrates on her job and loves to spend quality time with her family and husband.

Wisconsin basketball players once had fun trying to stump stenographer Deborah Bollman by uttering unrecognized words to trip Bollman up at the press conference at the Staples Center in LA. So, Bollman was busy typing and was taking longer than usual. Then Wisconsin Badgers Nigel Hayes passed a comment without realizing his mic was on, where he turned to one of his teammates and said, “God, she’s beautiful.”

Thus, Bollman grabbed college basketball players’ attention for her work ability. Let’s learn precisely how Bollman became famous.

How Did Debra Bollman Become Famous?

Once, ASAP Sports stenographer Debra Bollman attended a press conference at the Staples Center in LA. The famous American basketball player Nigel Hayes (20 years old) was available on the microphone, but he was clueless that it was turned on.

As soon as Nigel Hayes said, “God, she’s beautiful,” to Bollman, a 43-year-old lady at the press conference while Nigel Hayes was only 20, Bollman smiled & and the reporter and other audience laughed. Everybody found the event memorable, and Bollman found it amusing.

When Nigel finally learned what was happening, he asked the audience, “Did you hear that?”. Nigel even apologized to Debra Bollman on Twitter. Since then, Debra Bollman has become famous on Twitter.

Debra Bollman’s Daughter

In an interview in 2015 after her viral video, she mentioned her three kids. There, she stated that her youngest daughter, Sophia, was a singer. Moreover, she was even part of a band called Detour91. Debra’s daughter’s name is Sophia Bollma.  She didn’t give up her fondness for singing and continued pursuing her dream.

Sophia recently appeared on the hit reality show “The Voice” for singing. Debra’s daughter auditioned for this reality show in its 13th season. Sophia was a talented singer and performed exceptionally in the audition with her sweet voice.

Sophia picked the hit melody Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Invincible’ as her audition song; she turned two chairs at the audition. Sophia then ended up being on Team Mile; howeverr, unfortunately, Sophia was eliminated during the battle round. Sophia lost to singer Brooke Simpson.

Sophia was only a high school graduate student when she went for the audition. She noted that her mother (Deborah Bollman)had been her greatest supporter there.


Deborah became a familiar and famous Twitter star after the incident with Nigel Hayes. Nigel Hayes gossiped to his teammate, “God, she’s beautiful,” while not realizing his mic was turned on and not learning Bollman’s headphones are connected to all mics or that reporters can hear. Bollman smiles and lands reporters laughing after the incident.d Nigel realized his statement was listened to by all. Of course, the incident went viral and made Bedorah famous.

After that incident, Deborah can no longer keep her low profile. Deborah never guessed this would become so significant… great… huge… meaningful – if you want more adjectives to explain it. She is now just busy attempting to keep up with the extreme excitement on social media.


Q. Who is Deborah Bollman’s daughter?

A. Deborah’s daughter’s name is Sophia Bollman, and she is a singer. She appeared on the reality singing show “The Voice” and amazed the judges and audience with her singing.

Q. Who is Deborah Bollman?

A. Deborah Bollman has been the CEO of CaptionCART for 15 years. She performed as a stenographer for ASAP Sports in Riverside, CA. She can type around 300 WPM when transcribing discussions.

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