State-wise Land Records Name: Check Land Records in India Online

Previously, land records were manually maintained by an assigned individual called Tahsildar. Most of the land records were through marking boundaries, village maps, and paper records, which included the names of the occupants of the land. This results in the lack of streamlined maintenance of land records. So, one of the government’s main objectives in the 1980s was to make land records available to all. Karnataka was the first state to digitize land records under the “Bhoomi Project.”

Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu followed Karnataka. In addition, the Karnataka government also brought property cards into place. Besides, digitizing land records provided clear land ownership titles and facilitated faster transactions. The importance of having a clear title to land or property is paramount. This is because having unclear land titles makes the entire real estate market seem sluggish due to disputes over title and litigation.

Benefits of digitization in real estate

While digitization has had several benefits across many industries, it has benefited the real estate space. Here is a list of 6 key benefits for real estate due to digitization.

1. Land record management has become more transparent.

2. More clarity is gained over the ownership status of the land.

3. The approval process of plans and occupancy certificates has become easier as it is carried out online.

4. Due to digitization, the process has become easier for developers and buyers to verify the authenticity of the land. This has led to greater ease of business in the real estate sector.

5. There is now one single window to manage land records. This includes updates on maps, surveys, maintenance, and property registration.

6. Most importantly, due to digitization, property tax has been mandatory for every landowner.

List of state-wise land record names

Here is a list of states and their land record names:

State Land record name
Sikkim Land revenue and disaster management
Tripura Jami Tripura
Manipur Louchapathap
Goa Goa Land Records
Assam Dharitree
Chattisgarh Bhuiyan
Odisha Bhulekh
Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh
Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh
Uttarakhand Bhulekh/Devbhoomi
Telangana Dharani
Kerala E-Rekha
West Bengal Banglarbhumi
Maharashtra Bhulekh Mahabhumi
Delhi Bhulekh
Himachal Pradesh Himbhoomi
Haryana Jamabandi
Tamil Nadu Patta Chitta
Rajasthan Apna Katha/ E-Dharti
Punjab Punjab Land Record Society
Jharkhand Jharbhoomi
Gujarat AnyRoR
Bihar Bhulekh
Andhra Pradesh Meebhoomi
Karnataka Bhoomi


The entire process of digitization has revolutionized the real estate industry. Digitization of land records can speed up the land acquisition process and make the whole land registration process more convenient. For individuals looking to buy homes, digitization can offer accurate details of the property of consideration. In addition, home loans can be very beneficial for purchasing a home. You can gain a deep insight into what home loans are available, their tenure, interest rate, and several other factors. Besides, you can also gain more detailed knowledge on digitized land records and the public services available with these land records on Finserv MARKETS.

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