5 Essential Reasons to Get a Past-Life Reading

Many customers that come to me for clearing paintings have an intuitive feel that they need to clean the poor strength that they still carry round beyond-life reviews. They trust inside the idea of reincarnation so that they know that no longer best have they been here before, however, they may thoroughly be here again, and something they do no longer deal with now, they may deal with later on, whether it’s far on this existence or any other. They have a knowing of the importance of clearing this electricity because to them it seems like some sort of invisible baggage weighing them down and retaining them from moving forward towards the goals they’re looking to achieve in their lives. They have a deep understanding that there’s a bigger photo than virtually what they can see round them.

This is a reasonably correct description of the patron that seeks me out and at once resonates with what I am providing as soon as they locate me. But what if that does not describe you? What when you have heard of a Past-Life Clearing, Soul Clearing, or Akashic Record Reading, but you do not clearly understand the cost in it and what it is able to do for you in real, tangible phrases?

Reason #1: Clearing out the Past.

The single largest false impression I run into about this work, even among folks who trust in reincarnation, is that it is little or no want to focus on beyond lives because we are not currently in that lifetime. The trouble with this is that by way of overlooking the whole thing you may have skilled in a past lifestyle absolutely due to the fact you aren’t there, it’s like overlooking the experiences of your youth because you are now a grownup.

You truely can not assume what you have experienced and is a real and essential a part of you to surely vanish due to the fact you don’t want to stand it or acknowledge that it came about. What occurred to us in past lives is simply as extensive as what took place to us ten or twenty years ago, whether or not we will want to confess it or no longer, and till we will face it and deal with it head on, it’s going to preserve to come again to us in a single way or some other.

Reason #2: Like Attracts Like.

This leads me to my 2nd point, and that is very simple, nearly as simple as arithmetic. We’ve all heard the saying “like draws like.” Well, it’s genuine, and in particular so within the Universe we’re residing in. It’s one of the foundations for the way things work right here, simple and simple. So in case you are sporting quite a few terrible energy, no matter whether or not it’s miles from past lives or the present one, you will appeal to terrible things into your life due to the fact that poor strength is certainly a part of your life.

So take a look around at your lifestyles. What are you attracting? Are you attracting all the exact matters? Or a mixture of top and bad? Or way too much terrible?

If you’re no longer attracting all precise into your existence, then somewhere on your life and your strength field there is some thing that suits that vibration. It’s honestly no longer more complicated than that.

And when it comes to the manifestation technique and opportunities that appear earlier than us, the identical element applies. How can you happen some thing well into your life continuously and intentionally if your active vibration is an in shape for the decrease, bad energies? You can not, and unfortunately, the really accurate opportunities won’t come your way either.

Reason #three: New and Better Choices.

The one factor that a Past-Life Clearing does that a Present-Life Clearing will now not do is paintings on what we talk over with as your Golden Web. And simply to present you an idea, the Golden Web is an active shape that holds our energy our bodies intact. It consists of a hundred and forty-four,000 intersection factors that represent all of our available alternatives on this lifetime. It also holds our electricity bodies collectively and keeps us in alignment with our highest path and motive. It additionally transmits records about our selections and moves back to the Akashic Records.

This web can surely get tears in it from past-existence reports in order to typically handiest be determined in a beyond-lifestyles analyzing & clearing. If you’ve got a tear within the Golden Web, it’ll act as an “energy leak” for you, causing you to lose valuable strength, and will also render choices unavailable to you that you have been meant to have.

Are you starting to marvel at what you may have been missing out on for your life until now?

Reason #four: Unparalleled Clarity and Freedom.

Another factor I’d like to the touch on approximately the price of a Past-Life Clearing is the level of clarity you get because of this work. First of all, in case you reflect consideration on it, the strength round terrible experiences that you had been sporting now not just for years, however for LIFETIMES, is all at once cleared. This isn’t something that you accrued over a previous couple of months or years, however over lifetimes and you’ve been sporting around with you.

Can you believe the feeling of that being gone? Is that weight unexpectedly being lifted from you? What could that experience like? In a word – FREEDOM.

The aspect that most of the people don’t comprehend is that they’ve been sporting this bad energy for so long that they don’t even recognize it’s there. They’ve definitely come to be conversant in it. So, of course, if someone does not recognize it’s there, why might they see a need to clear it? More than possibly they wouldn’t. But I assure you, poor power surrounding stories from beyond lifetimes is very actual and it is able to weigh you down more than you believe you studied.

Reason #five: Discover Your Soul’s Purpose.

Another vital element of a Past-Life Reading is that you get what is known as a Soul Profile, or a description of who you are at Soul-level and all the gifts and abilities you have introduced with you into this lifestyles. Why is that this important?

Simply position, in case you do no longer realize who you are at Soul-level and what all of your items and competencies are, you can not be completely expressing them. Fulfilling our motive right here approach expressing ALL of our presents and skills to the finest quantity that we are able to. If we aren’t pleasant your reason, we are not residing a truly plentiful existence, because authentic abundance lies alongside our course and motive. But if we don’t have a complete understanding of who we are, we can’t fulfill our motive and we may not have complete get admission to the extent of abundance we were supposed to have.

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You see, the deeper an expertise that we’ve got of who we’re in all elements of ourselves and ALL of our presents and abilities, the extra we are able to utilize that knowledge to specific ourselves on this world.

A Past-Life Reading and Clearing, not handiest allows you absolutely apprehend who you’re at Soul-level, however, it additionally gives you the realizations that you want to explain to you why you currently are where you are for your lifestyles and the way you came to be there. The degree of profound awareness it offers you is actually beyond evaluate.

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