Things You Should Know about Rainierland

What is Rainierland?

The Rainierland is a website that allows its users to watch movies online. The website was started around 2012 by Rainer M. Tamayo. The website provides pirated content to its users free of cost. The main source of revenue for the website is the advertisements that are displayed on it. The website Rainierland gained huge success within just some time of its launch. It offered online movies free of cost, and no one can resist such an advantage. The users were delighted with the website. Here are the points that tell about what is Rainierland and the reasons for the success of it:

  • Huge collection of movies

The website accounts for a huge collection of movies. Also, it is uploaded with the latest movies for the convenience of the users. The Rainierland offers a variety of options to the users. One can watch any as per the choices and preferences. The website’s collection offers different genre movies such as action movies, romantic, fiction, and many more. The website in the action movies also offers Rainierland American sniper.

  • High-quality movies

The website provided clear prints and HD quality pictures so that the users can be satisfied wholly. They made sure that new movies uploaded on the website should be high resolution to watch the movie in HD prints.

  • No need to pay money

The website is free of cost. One needs not pay even a single penny for it. The Rainierland movies used to stream online for free.

  • No need to enter card details

The users need not even enter any card details for watching movies. There is no need for creating an account or logging in to it. One needs an internet connection, can go online, search the website, and find the favorite movie and start streaming. No need for card details means that there are fewer chances of cyber-security issues.

  • Simple interface

The interface of Rainierland is also simple. There is a home page that shows all the latest movies uploaded on the website. There is a search bar to search for specific movies one wants to watch to ease its users. The website is straightforward to handle by the users.

  • Less number of advertisements

The best feature of Rainierland is that there are fewer interruptions in between the streaming. The advertisements are fewer, and hence the users can enjoy the movie with fewer breaks.

So, all these reasons were major contributors to the success of Rainierland. The website provides huge Rainierland collections for the users and hence results in more viewers.

What happened to the Rainierland website?

Another question that is generally asked is that what happened to Rainierland. Publishing content that one does not own is illegal to upload. The website is the authorities usually take down illegal and such websites. The same happened with the Rainierland website as well. It was always under the risk of getting banned since the day it was launched.

The authorities found the website’s founder and were arrested for finding and operating this illegal website. The website stopped working after some time after his arrest. Later a group of people came together to bring back the website, and it came back as well but only for some time. It came with a different URL this time, and after some time, even the new domain disappeared. Since that time, there is no presence of Rainierland over the internet.

The authorities usually take down such websites as these are illegal, which answers why the website was taken down. The Rainierland website offered various options of movies to the users, and that too free of cost. No doubt it has advantages but what is illegal is illegal. So, the authorities have to take down such websites to safeguard the user’s interests and reduce cyber issues. These reasons justify the fact that why is Rainierland not working.

Risks associated with websites such as Rainierland

The websites such as Rainierland that offer free content to users usually have their income source from the advertisements they flash on their website. The advertisements are usually implanted with the buttons of the website as redirects. Once the user clicks such a button, the website will take him to a redirected page. Such redirects mostly do not affect the device but might affect the security of the device. The redirected link might contain viruses or malware installed in the device and can harm it.

Usually, the redirected link asks the user to download a specific application that is compulsory to run the movie. This is a trick to enter the user’s device. Once the spyware enters the device, it can steal important credentials and other information about the user. Sometimes the redirected links ask for card details. One should know that websites like Rainierland are free, and there is no need to share such details.

To protect users from such risks, authorities have to take down these websites. The redirected links cause an increase in cybercrimes and results in phishing as well. No doubt, if one takes precautions and stays careful, he can use such links, but the risk would always be there.

There are other websites like Rainierland that provide free content, but yes, every website has its benefits, just like Rainierland had fewer interruptions in between. People generally asked what happened to Rainierland movies, and now it is clear why it is necessary to take down such websites. One should be careful over the internet as there has been an increase in cybercrime, and one never knows what can prove harmful. So, one should be careful while using such websites, or the other option is to use legal and where there are no chances of such illegal activities.

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