The Pleasure of Learning a New Hobby or Sport

I currently lower back from my vacation excursion wherein I spent 12 remarkable days in the lovely United States of America of Colombia with my spouse and her family. This was my 2d ride to Medellin, and I was amazed at all of the new places and reports I became capable of enjoying at some stage in my go-to. Aside from journeying the town, we had an excellent six-day mini-excursion on an island referred to as San Andres, and allow me to tell you, this is when the good times surely started to roll.


Upon touchdown on this small, tropical island, I became captivated by using the ecosystem. The crystal blue ocean, swaying palm trees dotted throughout the beachfront, and enjoyable stay track proper on the beach all took my breath away. I knew proper away I would have the time of my lifestyles and I could not wait to find out what turned into in shop for me.

After on foot around a bit, I found myself captivated with the aid of two one-of-a-kind activities I desired to probe for the first actual time: scuba diving and kite surfing. After spending ten minutes on the coast of San Andres and watching several kite surfers cruise by using, I knew this probably became one of the high-quality locations where I could strive out this active game.

Best but, since the water changed into so warm a moist fit wasn’t wished. Simultaneously, on the southern California coast, regardless of the time of year, you want a wet shape for any activity that maintains you in the water for a prolonged period of time. Nevertheless, scuba diving became first on the timetable is given that we have been only able to book the trainer Johnathan on one specific day. With that being said, I became on my underwater adventure and had the time of my existence.

Even though we just took a mini 3-hour path and did no longer end up certified, scuba diving as a hobby/sport ought to clearly be something to feature in the arsenal of more curricular physical activities. Surprising as it sounds, scuba diving burns many calories, in upwards of 900 calories an hour. That’s a precise plus in addition to seeing all the underwater existence you come in touch with.


After a couple of days of rest, I determined I wanted to take a lesson, so I may want to learn how to kitesurf. I was amazed to discover that kite browsing lessons were three times as costly as scuba diving. I didn’t know why in the beginning but decided to do it in any case. My logic became, “How regularly will I get a danger to learn how to kitesurf on an island in Colombia?” Once I asked myself this query, the solution turned into simple, so I went ahead and scheduled a time to study with a famous teacher, Memo (his son is a professional kitesurfer).

According to Memo, he adamantly told me that kite browsing is an exceptional sport to burn off weight. Even though I was a bit skeptical initially, that becomes the song to my ears because I am all about wanting to burn off weight. I have become undoubtedly positive because if I enjoyed kite browsing, there are numerous spots near Los Angeles. I may want to make this recreation end up a regular part of my livelihood.

I observed proper away from the cause for the added value when gaining knowledge of how to kitesurf. It is a whole lot extra palms-on, and so that it will adequately discover ways to manage the kite the use of the wind, and the step with the aid of-step development from sand, to water, to board, the teacher without a doubt earns his cash.

At first, Memo instructed me that he generally gives a ten-hour class for $500 but considering that I did now not have sufficient time left or need to spend that kind of money on something I wasn’t positive I might enjoy, I informed him that I desired to research as a lot as feasible in just 3 hours – for three hundred,000 pesos. It sounds like a ton, but it changed into only about $150) After those three hours, I turned into dead worn-out. My arms and legs were so spent that all I desired to do lay on a reclining chair in the front of the ocean and take asleep.


Let me let you know kitesurfing is actually an exercising and I hardly ever was given on the board in any respect throughout the ones three hours, but I had an amazing time! Once I got again to our resort, I checked online and discovered some of the pages/agencies that kitesurf at the southern California coast. I genuinely want to take a pair more instructions, given that there is a semi-chance issue related to this game. I want to examine the right approach before trying this by myself; however, my attention is peaked in reality.

I also observed out that an awesomely used kite browsing setup whole with a harness, board, and all of the system is best around $400-$500, so as soon as the learning component is included, I will be able to cross on my own without practice, and it’s FREE to do. The point of all this is to get you considering sports activities or interests you can had been trying to analyze but haven’t crossed that initial hurdle to get began. I’m 38 years vintage and obese; however, I simply attempted distinctive sports activities I even have in no way tried earlier than.

If one of all your new yr resolutions is to shed pounds and get in form, this may be all of the motivation you want to get going. Not only could you in all likelihood find a new exercising opportunity that will help you burn extra energy and weight out of your body, however you may find yourself enamored with an entire new exercising outlet and begin to revel in working out. Just make certain earlier than you attempt to examine any new recreation or pastime that your health practitioner clears you, and you get the right instruction from a qualified teacher so that you learn how to do the whole thing in an ideal way.

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