The Inherent Creepiness of Technology and the Betrayal of Privacy

We need to be concerned about how technology has not simplest taken over our global and non-public lives as properly. It might seem that there are best blessings to the era. But this is not the case, as I shall display in this article. Media Focus Modern technology isn’t always as tremendous as it seems. It is a lot more sinister than it seems. Most people aren’t even aware of a number of the bad heritage outcomes of the era that may be dangerous or risky to their properly-being and peace of mind.

A good deal appears to be going on that is out of our view and past our control. It is some distance worse than the Brave New World that Huxley defined a few years ago. It is a global that no longer best watches us but additionally prices into our private lives when we least count on it.


Our technological structures are increasingly passing facts to and fro without bothering to inform us that they’re doing so. They are parsing and studying it to determine the deeper meaning of what we are saying and do. Therefore, the era is quietly but relentlessly invading our daily lives.

Here are a few approaches that era automatically does this.

• When you use your telephone to take a photo, it auto-uploads to Facebook without your knowledge or permission.

• Your email thru unfastened providers, which include Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft, isn’t always as secure as it can seem. There isn’t any way for any of you to realize how your electronic mail is processed. There are, in reality, no tools to investigate it.

Creepiness of Technology


• Late at night time, you could hear the tough drive whirring on your PC. The monitor is flickering, although no person is the usage of it. Is there a person surely there or now not?

• Bars in numerous towns have established cameras that silently watch their customers and make inferences approximately them from their bodily traits. Then they use this information without your permission if they need to.

• Next-generation wearable computers that include Google Glass may also start frequently tracking where you’re looking while on the internet. That records will then be offered to advertisers and others who’re in search of a window into your mind.

• Your phone may concentrate on audio cues about in which you are without your knowledge. Is that a football stadium announcer it hears? Perhaps you would love a discount coupon for the team’s shop. All of this could be processed inside the background.

Therefore, we need to make sure that we keep ourselves from this technology which can be invading our lives and coming across who we’re without our knowing it. Therefore, we need to take heart all and make certain that we’re careful with our technologies. Shut them down as frequently as viable. That may also forestall huge brother from absolutely watching you and amassing facts approximately you and spreading it without your permission.

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