The Enlightened End of The World

There’s been a lot of talk around religious circles around the planet nowadays about what will manifest from now until the Mayan Calendar results on December 21, 2012. Many humans are available questioning if the “end of the world” is coming. I have one important message to inform you. This will be the best time of your life to awareness of love, accept as true to God, and permit a move of lack, judgment, and fear! We are coming into the most progressive and enlightening time this planet has ever seen!

As I peer into the Akashic Records and hook up with my highest spiritual publications approximately this date, all I get hold of is one thing. We have already been in a constructing climax of “Armageddon” for the past 25+ years, and this date indicates the stop of its cycle and the start of a brand new age. This new age is a time to get splendidly grounded in your connection to the God-Source and discover the countless spiritual powers inside you.

These are not a few ungrounded fairyland fantasies about life; it’s a real medical transformation in our vibration, thoughts, and focus. Scientists have validated that our planet’s magnetic vibratory charge has been growing because the magnetic solar storms from our Sun have been increasing. This indicates that we’re all bodily coming into a far higher frequency of vibratory electricity, causing us to boost our lives in the most intimate ways. It’s true to understand that ending in existence is always the beginning of something even better than ever before.


“If there may be a trade on the Earth’s magnetism, there is a change in the recognition and a model on the bodily stage for this new vibration. The changes are not only on our planet, but also affect the entire universe, and ultra-modern technology can affirm that.” ~Avatar Sai Baba in 2012

We are not breaking away from this planet on any level. All 7 billion humans on the Earth are impacting the Earth and being affected by it. As you might know, we are all becoming extra environmentally conscious beings who have swung from trashing this international to cleansing it up. It’s my information that each global trauma and catastrophe that comes to our manner is the planet’s manner of speaking for us to “STOP”.

The Earth has been deeply disturbed with the aid of our grasping, selfish, and materialistic methods for way too long. She wants us to awaken and stay as religious beings in human bodies. The Earth wants a dramatic alternate and is rebelling against how we’ve been raping her forests, siphoning out her tectonic lubricants (crude oil), trashing her oceans, burying garbage in her fields, and polluting her surroundings. She can not take this abuse anymore, and a new, clean, inexperienced era should be implemented ASAP!

The loopy thing is that we already have the era to keep this planet; those in strength are, undoubtedly, afraid to use it. It’s right to educate yourself abouty new excessive-tech inexperienced innovations and opportunity power gadgets that might be obtainable now! We can create a one-hundred-green financial system as automobile engines run 100% on water!

If you do not consider me, take an evening to Google alternative strength gadgets and spot what comes up! Europe is constantly mild years ahead of the United States as some distance as implementing the latest opportunity strength assets to run their cars, houses, and factories might be easy and green. With the net’s electricity, we will speak and brainstorm together as one global community to enforce this high-quality, new, inexperienced era that can shift our technology from consuming and respiration pollutants.

Yes!! Our planet has already long gone FAR beyond her threshold factor and will most effectively keep polluting our bodies and minds till we’ve stopped all violent acts upon it. This is the game’s name for developing a new economy that prefers to survive barely. Using sustainable, environmentally friendly high-tech sources, we can discover how the Sun, Wind, Water, and Geothermal Energy can provide ALL of our power needs for anybody for thousands of years FREE!

We want to become the conscious, advanced beings we are. While the ones in the strength of those picks emerge as enlightened enough to reciprocate this gratitude and respect back to the Earth, they may be rewarded profoundly. The greater all of us leap at the environmentally inexperienced education, the more we will all enjoy a new international that responds to us with even more abundance of sources and amusement of lifestyles.

The important cause our souls requested to join this Armageddon experience is to motivate a speedy and profound evolution in our focus. There are no coincidences or injuries in this international. There is not any motion or reaction without a deeper unconscious motive at the back of it. Individually and as a whole, we are being redirected deeper inside ourselves to shed light on those subconscious decisions we’ve been making for years that bring about the most effective greater struggle and suffering.

We are all right here to discover something cosmic, indescribable, and enlightening within ourselves. From now until the end of 2012, we can think of every difficult popcorn kernel inside the hot oil cooker. As things warm up, those who permit the pass of their tight manipulation of matters will abruptly “pop” into a light, expansive state! If you could cross off all your fears that get up and locate your spiritual nature, you will, through a large nation of expansion, “aw, taken” from the subconscious dream. This is the finest secular opportunity you will ever come upon, so do not abandon ship now; you will receive the danger of ending up a self-realized enlightened being!

Perhaps the essential thing of all is to be grateful for this time because it is a top-notch cleaning that we all need. We will be pressured to burn via centuries of antique dilapidated notion structures that have not worked and admire ourselves, every other, and this planet in the most sacred manner. Almost everybody has been deeply asleep operating out of those vintage approaches.

To become completely conscious, empowered beings, we needed something big to transform our world and within ourselves profoundly. So, this “end of instances” is an effective factor. It is a quit to our old approaches of believing we’re separate, unconscious, greedy, and selfish beings who are habitually worried about acquiring extra money, reputation, and energy.

The mere concept that “a stop” is coming causes the majority to grow to be extra sensitive, loving, conscious, and wide awake. So sure, thank God, that we are pressured to cease these poisonous and insane pollutants. By the end of 2012, you will witness a chief international consciousness shift, wherein people work extra for each other and the solidarity of peace and harmony. Believe it or not, the wars will come to a stop. The momentum closer to better cognizance and inner peace goes to be so high that everybody on this Earth isn’t always going to want to overlook it. Even governments and huge companies realize this as they generate extra profits and happier employees after they go a hundred% inexperienced.

What Can You Personally Do Between Now and 2013? Perhaps the greatest component you can do is discover ways to calm your mind and discover a deeply-rooted source of nonviolent stillness someplace inside you. If you want unique guidance on how to enlighten your recognition, find inner peace, and find your spiritual nature… Do this component. One of the quickest ways to do that is to do a 21-day juice cleanse, walk and meditate daily at the God-Source, and give and acquire love in all your relationships.

I, in my opinion, did this juice cleanse for the past 21 days; I stopped eating all stable meals and drank juice. I misplaced 20 lbs, and the ache I had had in my again and knees for the past five years disappeared absolutely. Everything in my thoughts and mind grew to be SUPER crystal clean, and my heart opened to a feeling that I can most effectively describe as perfect peace and bliss.

How I associated with others’ problems became dramatically superb, and I reignited a deep, profound reference to my relationships, paintings, love lifestyles, and spiritual route once more. I in no way believed that I had the desired energy to do it for this lengthy, yet after four days on it, I felt the soooo plenty of electricity, focus, and vitality for life that I couldn’t prevent doing it.

If you are questioning what you may, in my opinion, do to initiate a high-quality trade within the bodily environment of this international, you mustn’t cross very ways. As a patron, what you buy makes the loudest statement of all! Whatever you spend your money on is what you’re selecting to occur greater for our planet. For instance, if you keep shopping for gasoline, you decide to keep polluting and wreck this Earth.

If you can ride a motorcycle, walk, or journey with a person who has an electric-powered car, you’re making a distinction. When you decide your family will only eat alternative green sorts of reusable New World Energy, you create an easy, inexperienced planet! Most people are sufficiently aware of how we’re impacting the earth, and we can all enjoy the benefits of living in a safe, environmentally peaceful world.

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