The 7 Steps to a Spirit-Guided Life

After doing this Spiritual Work for over 20 years, my steering has been discovered to be an easy, step-through-step system to take you from wherever you are now to fully embracing your purpose-filled, successful lifestyles. You did not come to Planet Earth to suffer. You came to study yourself, grow, be successful, be happy, and be of the carrier to others.


If you experience that you aren’t doing any of these above matters, you have something to analyze from the 7 Steps to a Spirit-guided Life. The technique is easy, and you could constantly come again to it time and again at each new degree of your growth. You are continually evolving, expanding, and enhancing yourself, so those 7 Steps will become like a spiral that is ever-evolving upwards.

Step 1: Raise your Spiritual Vibration to live linked to Spirit in any respect Times

You cannot connect to the divine guidance of Spirit until you learn how to improve your non secular vibration to be extra tuned in, connected and relaxed. Learning to raise your son’s secular vibration is like tuning your radio frequency into the frequency of Spirit. If your radio is not tuned in to the right frequency, you will not listen to any of the messages your angels are sending you.

We all have the united states of America and downs in our electricity and how we sense it. But, you could discover ways to keep a better vibration all of the time. In this manner, you’re not at risk of being prompted via the negativity in your surroundings. You’re buffered from that and may lead to your existence successfully without fear and fear.

Step 2: Learn to Communicate along with your Angels and discover Immediate Answers in your Life’s Direction and Purpose.

Your team of helpers/angels know your life reason better than you do! They have a chicken’s eye view of your life and might see belongings you can not. So through learning to set up an instantaneous, two-manner communication with them, you could get the solutions you want to move forward!

Feeling caught? Your angels will help you recognize the first-class route to take and a way to be inside the proper place at the right time. They will help you with something, so long as it’s for your commercial enterprise to recognize. You have a team of angels with several knowledge for you – so why not make use of all this high-quality help this is to be had to you?! You can do this by using mastering a few simple strategies.



Step three: Discover your Spiritual Life Purpose to Live the Life you had been Born to Fulfill

Most human beings consider their existence motive as being their profession. But that is a means through that you stay your life purpose. What you really came right here to do is to live your religious thrust. Spiritual Thrust is a term coined by using our mentor Dr. Francisco Coll to encapsulate what you’re genuinely here to explicit this lifetime. It is what you do first-rate, and it’s for your area of interest in existence. Others are drawn to you whilst you are living your spiritual thrust.


Discover what your spiritual thrust is so that you can get into alignment with what you are REALLY here to do this lifetime. Then, as soon as you have clarified that, you could pass directly to locate the possibilities accessible in the world, which might be the pleasant match so one can live your thrust.

Step 4: Overcome your Blocks and Limiting Beliefs so you can Fully Reach your Goals.

This is perhaps the maximum crucial of the 7 steps. It is your sub-conscious proscribing ideals and fears that stop you to your tracks, just while you’re about to become a hit. These unseen intellectual obstacles are usually beliefs that you picked up to your first 7 years of existence from the people around you. You have been programmed to act and behave in a certain way, based totally on your upbringing. Some of this education is ideal. However, a number of them are not working for you anymore.

Become aware of the fears that might be there and then replace them with greater fantastic behavior that might be authentic. Too regularly, we’re dwelling life based on our mother and father’ requirements in place of our personal requirements. That way, instead of being stopped for your tracks while something feels risky or frightening – you may preserve shifting towards your goals smoothly and effortlessly.

Step 5: Create your New Purpose-Inspired Life!

Did you know the maximum non secular human beings are organized and feature a plan? You can not get to where you want to be until you have got goals and a plan. Your angels can’t help you without this. If you think why nothing ever goes your manner, do you realize what you want? Have you put clean dreams based totally on your precise existence reason and your dreams?

If not, then your angels do not know what to help you with. You need to set your direction first. Otherwise, it’s like asking a GPS to present you instructions without typing on your cope with first! Your angels need to realize what you need and what your vacation spot is.

Step 6: Team up with your Angels to Implement your Life Purpose Plan

Now the laugh component starts! You’ve got your plan, so now you figure with your angels to understand the nice steps to take to get you there. Your angels allow you to with timing, prioritize which opportunities to take first, and know how to get to where you need to be.

Many people do not realize how sensible operating together with your angels can be and simply how unique their assist can be. In reality, the greater precise you’re, the better. Imagine having a board of administrators you may seek advice from for assist and guidance each time you need to recognize how to be in the right region at the proper time. Magic!

Step 7: Regroup and Make it all Practical

Regrouping is an important step to your nonsecular boom. This is where you spot the progress you have made and analyze what you could do differently next time. This is how you study and develop and flow up to the next degree on your state of attention. If you want to move beyond in which you’re now, regrouping is a crucial step to your manner!

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