Rhodes Island Greece – Travel Tips and Tid Bits

The dress code within the Greek Islands is very informal; for guys, shorts and T-shirts are the norms, and for women, light summer season clothes or similar to guys. If you are coming in Spring or Autumn, you ought to deliver a few hotter clothes simply because it receives a chunk cold inside the night. Even for folks that want to dress formally, clever informal is the norm, which could be a couple of trousers and a shirt.


In eating places. Rhodes’ island can satisfy every gourmet as it produces various products of top-notch qualities and the nearby delicacies are an actual delight for the senses. Fresh fishes and a large kind of seafood, big preference of “mezes (Mediterranean snacks), meat on the grill, mousaka (the famous dish with potatoes, aubergines, cheese, and béchamel) are some of the numerous Rhodian specialties.

Rhodes’ wines are famous for their top-notch taste and pleasant given that historical times due to the fact the wineries and distilleries of the island produce delicious wines from the island’s vineyards which might be benefiting from the fertility of the soil and the steady solar. The maximum well-known wine labels of Rhodes are the dry wines “Ilios,” “2400”, “Village,” and “Grand Maitre,” and the dry red wine “Chevalier de Rhodes.”

Booking a Taxi There are strict guidelines regarding the number of passengers in step with the taxi. Up to 4 passengers are allowed according to the car so undergo this in thoughts when making a taxi reservation. Make positive your luggage fits into a regular-sized vehicle trunk. Otherwise, you may rent a 2nd taxi for any immoderate luggage. When inquiring about a taxi, ensure you are on the pick-up factor at once because a taxi could be there inside mines.

Signs denoting post places of work are usually shiny yellow, as are submit-bins. If you need to ship a letter, there are stamp merchandising machines and post-packing containers out of doors to all relevant submit offices. There is likewise a put-up-box right in the harbor a few meters from the pier.

OTE (Hellenic Telecommunications Organization) workplaces are the cheapest manner to make local or worldwide calls. Rhodes is ready with a completely advanced telecommunications gadget. You can dial without delay anywhere within the globe without the involvement of the smartphone operator. The blue cellphone bins discovered all around the island can be used both for nearby or for long-distance calls. They all use smartphone cards that could effortlessly be found in each kiosk or store with the “Phone playing cards Sold Here” sign. You can get them added right inside the harbor or inside the Airport.



The massive attraction of Rhodes is the beautiful seashores that surround the complete island. Entrance to all of the seashores is loose, but you may pay only if you rent a sunbed (approximately 6 euro). The seashores on the east coast are best for swimming because the sea is extremely calm, whilst at the west coast it is usually windy, and it is fine provided for windsurfing and other water sports. This does now not in any manner means that you can’t swim on the west coast. As a be counted of reality, many humans decide on the west coast’s big waves than the calm and clean sea of the east coast.


All the primary resort areas have branches of the Tourist Police, whose responsibilities consist of inspecting resorts, restaurants, and many others. And provider to make certain that offerings to travelers are of ideal requirements. Tourist Police officials who talk languages undergo the flag of us wherein the language is spoken on their uniforms.

Banks and ATMs.

Many Greek and International banks are licensed to do enterprise in Rhodes. All of them provide change services inside the metropolis of Rhodes and other popular hotel regions. Banks are open Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. To 2 p.m. From April to October, a number of them are open inside the evenings as well (five p.M., to 7.30 p.M.) and on Saturday mornings, but simplest for the trade functions.

To exchange cash or traveler’s checks, you want to have your passport with you. Also, almost all resorts have exchange places of work on their front desks. Visa, Master Card, and other well-known credit score cards are also frequent with most people’s aid in shops and resorts. And you may not want your whole pockets just a few coins; you may prefer to use ATMs when you need cash. ATMs are everywhere. Cash now and again gets you a better fee than a fee card.



Rhodes is an interesting vicinity to keep. Rhodes has at least 2000 years of manufacturing precise and skillful handicraft gold jewelry. Many stores sell classic and contemporary gold and silver jewelry in addition to antique replica jewelry, in 14k and 18k with diamonds and treasured stones. Antique carpets and handmade silk on silk rugs, furnishings, artwork, and porcelain also can be found. Rhodes is additionally famous for leather-based and fur bottles, leather-based coats, fur coats, and mink. Other types of goods, along with souvenirs, sponges, garments, footwear, books, and greater, can be determined within the many stores of Rhodes Island. And the conventional artwork workshops for the sector famous handcrafted Rhodian pottery’s-ceramics.

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