Network Design Process – Effective Network Planning and Design

The network planning and layout methodology describe a procedure with 9 unique steps and a chain for those sports. As mentioned, it’s miles an engineering existence cycle that helps technical projects, including Windows migration, IP telephony, and wireless design, to name a few examples. The methodology starts with examining the organization’s business necessities. It is surely crucial that you understand the company enterprise model, enterprise drivers, and how they may be growing from a commercial enterprise attitude. That will build the foundation for a layout concept that serves the enterprise’s enterprise, technical and operational requirements.

Network Design


Any design task starts offevolved with information on what the organization does and what they want to accomplish from a business perspective. This begins with a knowledge of their business version, which genuinely describes how their organization works from an operational and enterprise perspective to generate sales and decrease prices. Today, many carriers have carried out their personal go back on investment (ROI) studies for brand new implementations such as Unified Communications and Telephony. It is an effective sales tool that illustrates the cost advantages of investment over an exact time frame.

Now that you understand the business enterprise’s primary business requirements, you can decide on the same old and specific layout necessities. The layout necessities process is centered on defining necessities from a technical attitude. Those requirements at the commercial enterprise’s side will build the framework used to define infrastructure, protection, and management. Design requirements are described as general and miscellaneous. The popular layout requirements are normal and constitute the ones taken into consideration with many layout projects. Miscellaneous requirements are people who are not defined with any of the same old necessities.

A network assessment is carried out after we’ve finished the business and layout requirements of the corporation. A network assessment gives a brief image of the cutting-edge network with an exam of the infrastructure, performance, availability, management, and protection. That record is applied for making effective method guidelines and layout proposals to the customer concerning specific facts systems modifications. The community evaluation model has 3 sequential activities that are assessment, analysis, and pointers. The modern-day network has tested the use of 5 primary surveys: infrastructure, performance, availability, control, and safety. When the surveys are completed, the statistics amassed are then reviewed for traits, troubles, and troubles that might negatively affect the community.

Network Design


After doing a network assessment, we’re ready to choose specific infrastructure components for the network design. This segment begins constructing the infrastructure with a specific series that promotes powerful gadget choice and design. You mustn’t forget enterprise necessities, layout requirements, and the network assessment whilst constructing your infrastructure.

We have to define now a safety approach for securing the infrastructure. The need for enterprise network protection should not be left out with the proliferation of the Internet. Companies are persevering to leverage the general public infrastructure for connecting national and worldwide workplaces, enterprise partners, and new employer acquisitions. The safety requirements and community evaluation hints have to pressure the protection device, protocols, and approaches. It identifies what property must be covered, what users are allowed access to, and how those belongings will be secured.


This section will define a community control method for dealing with all gadgets described from infrastructure and safety. It is important to define how the equipment goes to be monitored and decide if the modern management method is good enough or if new applications, systems, protocols, and strategies need to be diagnosed. Management additives are then included with infrastructure and protection to finish building the proposed design. These primary elements contain any well-described control strategy and have to be considered whilst developing your method.

Network Design

All infrastructure, security, and control components need to be examined with a proof of concept plan. It is vital to test the cutting-edge layout, configuration, and iOS versions in non-production surroundings or at the manufacturing community with limited disruption. Implementation of more recent network modules at a router, as an instance, ought to require that you trade the cutting-edge iOS version this is carried out. Making those modifications could affect WAN or campus modules already established at manufacturing routers.

That is the real price of doing evidence of the idea and certifying that the new equipment and iOS variations combine with each tool and the network. The following list describes the benefits of doing evidence ideas together with your network design. The proof of idea test consequences should be examined and used to modify modern-day infrastructure, safety, and control specs earlier than generating a design idea. The evidence of the idea version suggested right here involves prototype layout, gadget provisioning, defining tests, constructing equipment scripts, and examining take a look at consequences.

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