Man escapes unhurt as mobile phone goes up in flames

A guy escaped narrowly from being hurt after his cell smartphone got burnt right here on Tuesday. Manjunath, who runs a standard save at Katapadi, had saved his cell phone in his trousers’ pocket and used his motorbike with his wife as a pillion rider to the railway station. Net Maddy

But he abruptly felt a warm feeling in his pocket and noticed smoke popping out of it at Indra Junction. An alert Manjunath stopped his motorbike and threw away the cellular smartphone, which went up in flames. Manjunath escaped unhurt.

Manjunath informed The Hindu that approximately 75% of the cellular phones and their batteries were burnt. The front element became intact; however, the other portion burnt. He had purchased the cellular telephone approximately 365 days and three months ago. “The whole cell phone might have been burnt, but human beings around stamped it to test the heart from spreading and later removed the SIM card and gave it to me,” he stated.

Manjunath was going to the railway station to cancel his booked tickets when the incident passed. He also suffered burns at three spots in his leg. “I did not immediately notice the burns. It becomes handiest later that I noticed them,” he stated.

The Importance Of Cell Phones In Modern Society

Cell telephones have become a need for many people throughout the sector. The ability to keep in touch with a circle of relatives and business friends and get access to email are only some of the motives for increasing the importance of cellular telephones. Today’s technically superior cell telephones are capable of no longer receiving and setting up smartphone calls but storing information and taking pix. They might also be used as walkie-talkies to call only a few of the available alternatives.

When cellular phones were first added to the general public, they were bulky and expensive, and some even required a base unit that had to be transported along with the smartphone. Good reception was a prime problem, and as a standard, early cellular phones should only be used in positive places where the signal became specifically sturdy. As the mobile cellphone generation is superior, the difficulty in using them has become much less of a hassle. Today, mobile smartphone reception has progressed substantially due to using satellites and wireless offerings. As mobile telephones improved and became easy to apply, cellular telephones’ significance expanded as a consequence.


Cell telephones are an appropriate manner to stay related to others and provide the person with an experience of safety. In an emergency, having a cell telephone can permit assistance to reach you speedily and possibly save lives. However, the importance of cellular phones goes way beyond private safety. Modern cell telephones can net access, send, and receive snapshots and files. A few cellular telephones are equipped with GPS technology, allowing use in most locations around the sector and permitting the cellular smartphone to be discovered or the user positioned inside the event of loss or emergency.

Cell smartphone reception has become dependable and of high first-rate due to advances in wireless generation. Wireless service providers offer super packages and promotions for mobile telephone customers. Finding a reliable service company is not trouble for cellular phone users. The growth of the wireless carrier issuer enterprise gives cellular cellphone users a preference, and the improved opposition has caused a drop in fees of wi-fi mobile smartphone carriers. The significance of cellular telephones goes far beyond the potential to make or receive telephone calls. Cell telephone users can immediately ship information to the house or workplace, take a look at crucial emails, use their mobile smartphone as a PDA or calendar, and keep pictures that can be effortlessly transferred to a PC or laptop.

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