Male infertility explained in detail

It is a common phenomenon that men are very prone to infertility problems. This is the exposure he is getting and how he changes when he is exposed to certain habits and things. Let us break down the things which cause male infertility and see how we can get rid of this. My research is a comprehensive factor of the study made at one of the fertility clinics in Chennai.


Male infertility

The following are the causes of male infertility as backed by science:


  • Smoking: Smoking has a lot of serious health ailments, and infertility is one of them. More than 400 harmful chemical particles in the smoke which cigarettes release, which will clearly cause a lot of trouble in our body, including infertility. 40% of the male infertility cases are due to smoking.
  • Drinking: Paired with smoking, drinking is said to destroy the semen in our body. Alcohol can directly mix in our bloodstreams and make the blood vessels get dilated, hence causing a disturbance in the body.
  • Prolonged exposure to heat and radiation: Drivers and people working in power plants and production houses have reported infertility causes due to heat. Human testicles cannot handle the heat, and the semen production capacity reduces largely.
  • Accident and other reasons: Spinal cord problems in men are said to increase infertility. Accidents can sometimes be so fatal that they can kick-out the reproduction system’s functionality.
  • Blockage in the transportation of sperms.

If you are some who is facing an infertility problem, we suggest you visit a good fertility clinic in Pune or any other city for your help in identifying the reasons and cure for infertility. You have facilities and specialty hospitals to counsel you to overcome this problem. It has been established that infertility is an illness caused by abnormal functioning of the reproductive system, which can be medically treated. The advancements in fertility medicine and treatment have made it possible for every couple to conceive and have a baby. Infertility has become a mental phenomenon rather than being a physical one.

The treatment involves a checkup of the couple followed by IVF. Periodical checkups for keeping track of the progress are advised. Insurance companies recognize infertility treatments, and they argue that if bypass surgery can be covered, an abnormally functioning reproductive system cannot be excluded. While certain fertility treatments can be costly, most are inexpensive, provided they are monitored by experts attached to a dedicated fertility clinic.

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