How To Increase Computer Speed And Performance – Great Tips & Tricks

Many computer customers are concerned about their laptop’s overall performance. After spending a lot of bucks, nonetheless, they can’t have that allure of the use of PC as that they had anticipated. Here I will explain a few important hints that might be utilized by many pc users, which assist them in taking green use in their CPU.


These suggestions might be of little significance for individuals who are already using processors with a pace of more than 2400 MHz. Still, humans’ use of pc with less pace and little older mother forums and processors will revel in these recommendations. They will recognize a considerable boom in their PC’s performance.

Here are those pointers:

1. Operating gadget preference:

You can be amazed to realize that your desire to select proper home windows or working devices should substantially impact your CPU’s overall performance. For instance, if you are given five bricks to hold them to the subsequent apartment, after which 10 bricks to do the same. Think about how your performance could be if compared with both conditions. Obviously, you would carry out properly whilst carrying the simplest five bricks.

The same is the case with Microsoft Windows. The lighter the windows you have, the better the performance might be proven. Now, this does not mean that you must install Windows ninety-five. Here is the order of Windows weight: Windows XP (any edition) > Windows 2000 > Windows Me > Windows 98 (the lightest one).

So if you have Pentium 4 with the true ram, I could propose using Microsoft Windows XP. People using Pentium 3 computer systems ought to use windows 2000, or if they have ram extra than 256 MB, they can use home windows XP too. All other lower velocity users must use home windows ME or 98. You would have to compromise between speed and excellence. You can decide now which operating device you ought to use now.

2. Partitions:

Before starting this topic, I would really like to present you with a simple example. Suppose in one case; if 100 items are positioned in residence having handiest 2 rooms, you’re required to locate object no. 89, from the second room. You will need to scroll thru 50 objects in the room to discover object 89. In another case, if the same one hundred items are placed in residence having 4 rooms, and you are required to find item 89 from room 2, then you could scroll through only 25 gadgets found in that room, and you will spend much less time.

The same is the case right here for partitions. Having an extra range of walls will help your windows extra to discover required facts easily out of your tough disk when you run any report or software. I might recommend having more partitions, each having at least five GB of reminiscence and a maximum of 20 GB.


You ought to be very cautious while partitioning your hard drive, and trust me; many humans make mistakes once they partition the tough disk and lose all of their essential data. Here is an unfastened resource Windows Setup Installation Guide that will let you study partitioning, formatting tough disks, and installing windows.

3. Defragment Your Hard disks:

Your walls become extra fragmented when you create or delete folders, store new files, delete or pass them, and they turn out to be scattered on your hard power. As time passes, home windows grow to be slower and slower due to the time needed with the system’s aid to find the required report on the hard disk. You can analyze extra approximately why volumes come to be fragmented using using “Disk Defragmenter” Help.

My most important factor is that your laptop will become lazy with time. I am certain lots of you have found that once installing home windows, pc becomes slower regularly with time. So I might strongly advise you which you use Disk Defragmenter regularly, at the least every week. I realize it’s miles quite uninteresting process but whilst taking a bathtub, lunch, start it. Believe me; you may sense the distinction later.

4. The frequency of Changing Windows:

I would love you to compare the distinction between speeds of your laptop while you freshly established windows and now. I know your solution! Obviously, now you will be feeling your PC lazier than earlier. This is all because of many elements inclusive of file fragmentation; growing of windows registry length, the boom in the range of documents and folders for your number one partition, and also because of a few viruses and secret agent wares.

I would strongly advocate that you should reinstall windows after formatting your primary partition at least every three months. That will maintain your laptop always green. Many people assume that formatting difficult drive is not desirable. That is nearly an incorrect illusion. Formatting your partition every 3 months and installing a clean copy of home windows will drastically grow your laptop’s performance. Same internet site Windows Installation Guide should help you concerning this depend.

5. My remaining tip:

Finally, do not shop junk, packages, movies, video games, and almost whatever you can in your windows partition. This is commonly C: consider me your laptop might display ultimate overall performance for a longer time and offer fewer mistakes. It is higher you make your “My Documents” folder in different pressure than C: as well as make Program Files folder, so deploy the whole thing like Microsoft office e.T.C there no longer in windows set up the force. Do it and experience the distinction.


Always test your programs that are robotically run at startup, and use your PC’s sizable sources. Try to disable them carefully and experience the trade-in performance. Here is a way to test which packages and approaches start routinely whilst home windows starts offevolved.

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