Genetically Modified Foods – Americans Should Be Very Concerned

Genetically changed ingredients or genetically modified organisms (GMO’S) at the moment are a genuine part of your weight-reduction plan whether or not you know it or now not. If you consume corn, cornmeal, cornstarch, corn oil or other corn-based substances, soybeans, soy milk, tofu, soybean oil, and different soybean-based merchandise, canola oil, cottonseed oil, sugar beets, papaya from Hawaii, and some zucchini, and yellow squash, then genetically changed meals are making up a vast percent of your normal food intake.

Over half of all Americans who had been polled said that they had been no longer aware that they have been eating those GMO’s and if they knew it, they would not accomplish that. Many even expressed shock over the truth that they have been now not the slightest bit aware that they have been eating this very questionable and probably downright bad stuff. The easy motive that we have been now not conscious of is because within the USA, producers and manufacturers of such (food?) are not required to allow us to understand that the meals have in reality been altered at the level of the DNA. In the assessment, many other countries demand that GM meals be certainly categorized as such.


Genetically changed foods are produced by putting genes from a few other species into the meals’ very DNA. Almost two-thirds of all merchandise at the shelves of your nearby grocer comprises at the least one element that has been genetically engineered (altered). When engineers manage food plants to lead them to produce their own insecticide or lead them to resistant to chemical herbicides that kill other flowers, a genetically changed organism that could never arise in nature is created.

The query is:

Are these GMO ingredients secure for human intake? The commonplace sense solution to that question as a way as this creator is involved is NO. At the very exceptional, it should be cited that nobody has any concept as to the capability health problems associated with ingesting such food. Despite many warnings of fitness dangers from its own scientists, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration decided to permit genetically changed ingredients into the marketplace without labeling or safety trying out.

The genetically modified seeds, which can be fabricated from such manipulation, are actually planted commercially so that at this writing, the majority of the soybeans, corn, cottonseed (oil), and canola (oil) that you purchase are certainly genetically modified. You’ll don’t have any way of understanding which products are and which ones are not, given that no regulation requires that they be categorized as such.

Studies conducted on rats have produced evidence that must alarm consumers about the possible risks associated with GM food. Rats fed genetically changed corn were compared to their mother and father, who were fed non-genetically changed corn. Rats that had been fed the GM meals produced signs of kidney and liver problems, as well as problems associated with the heart and spleen.

The parents who have been now not fed the GM meals did not seem to have any massive fee of issues in these regions. Other research performed to look at rats fed GM meals have produced evidence of diverse health-related troubles. At this juncture, we truly cannot inform all the fitness-related troubles that these foods would make possible because we ourselves are the rats wherein the experiments are being conducted.

In my private opinion, other than mounting evidence that we had been heading down a very slippery slope, this is the innate experience. This is resident in me that anytime scientists modify a God-given resource consisting of food, this manipulation consists of several problems.

I, for my part, am absolutely persuaded that a Creator God made all things perfectly but assume you’re the person who believes that each one matter has advanced certainly, then even though that were actual, a scientist hasn’t any enterprise changing that which nature has produced. In my opinion and based totally on my company ideals, scientists certainly cannot now, nor will they ever improve on God’s advent, and we haven’t any commercial enterprise manipulating the meals we eat at the level of DNA. Certainly, from a health angle, not anything correct can come of this.

Genetically Modified Foods

In this case, it’s miles as much as character customers to understand this dangerous problem and take precautions to ensure that they and their families are not located at the chance to aid this genetic engineering of our food supply. It most effective takes a small percentage of people who refuse to shop for genetically modified meals to impact an alternate extent of the most important food companies. When important meals enterprise starts to peer that supplying GMO’s does now not pay, they’ll begin to drag those risky foods off of the shelves, or as a minimum start to actually label meals that have been for that reason modified.

Since there may be without a doubt no law in place regarding the disclosure of GMOs within the marketplace, nor any regulation concerning their sale, we as customers must take the initiative and impact an intensive trade in huge meals enterprise as traditional. Greed and the bottom line will continue to be the best subject of principal food businesses. The authorities are historically elementary to shop for off, so your health and the health of your family will continue to be the least in their concerns.

By realizing the sad reality that big food enterprises and the government are inclined to sell your health for their benefit, we have to arise and say NO to genetically modified meals inside the market. Make your voice heard by way of refusing to buy the above-indexed merchandise if they are now not genuinely categorized natural or if they’re no longer sporting the Non-GMO Project Seal. We need to stand collectively and prevent this madness earlier than it progresses even similarly. Please do your element and make your voice heard.

I am passionate about fitness problems and the state of the fitness of our high-quality America. I trust the American diet is literally killing us and that a regular drift of cash and perks from the beef, egg, and dairy industries to the U.S. Government is the reason we have had an extended sustained brainwashing campaign that has caused the shift from a predominantly plant-based food regimen to an animal-based weight loss program.

The result has been a remarkable boom in heart ailments, diabetes, stroke, and cancers of all types. I believe Americans are suffering from a lack of honest facts regarding our diets. I experience writing motivational articles to help correct the problem regarding this loss of facts and examine the winning misinformation in the light of truth.

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