Gaming with Viners: A Proposal

Things get heated here on Newsvine. It’s smooth to get over-excited at the moment, to lose your cool, or to react to someone else who has. Wouldn’t or not it’s fine to unwind a little with Newsviners? To have a touch fun? To change salvos that have nothing to do with President Bush or Hilary Clinton?

It’s no secret that many Viners additionally enjoy throwing down in a little gaming now and again. I’ve seen lots of fellow geeks around speak about games that I additionally enjoy. Many of those video games additionally have the online capability. So my brain started to work at combining the two furiously. How could we paintings to have Viners play games with each other? How may want to the process be simplified? I’ve attempted to give you some thoughts and equipment to make this as clean as viable, and I welcome others. I’ll start some Comments below and recommend that we get the ball rolling via adding remarks inside the right areas. What are a few of these regions, you may ask?


Adding Friends

The DS and the X-Box 360 have pretty simple interfaces to interact with buddies, so I figure this is a perfect area to begin. The first Comment, entitled “DS Friend Codes,” will house just that. Reply to that message together with your Friend Code so that different Viners may additionally add you. If you add a Viner, add your personal Friend Code to the listing so that they’ll add you as nicely. The 2nd, entitled “360 Gamertags,” will liken to that machine. Hand out your Gamertags to fellow Viners, and change in type.

Once the Wii and PS3 come out, comparable threads might be started for those (or, in all likelihood, a new article written). These will help us get a pleasing massive pool of Newsvine friends added to our gaming buddy queue. But how, as soon as we have traded facts, can we get the video games themselves started?

Setting Up the Games

Gaming with Viners


This is wherein the situation gets stickier. It’s hard to discover time to play and even extra difficult to discover humans at a selected time whilst you are ready to play. For this cause, I’ve set up numerous options. The first is to make a response to the 0.33 Comment I’ll be making, “Wine gaming.” Say which you know you’ll be available to play Prey on August 3rd at nine PM EST. You make a comment that says so, and different Viners will remark announcing they plan to join you.

Wine gaming

Anyone who wants to track gaming opportunities with Viners should set a brand new tag on their watchlist: line gaming. This way, if you need to set up a tournament or clan for a specific sport, and the facts seem cumbersome for a remark, make a put-up and tag it “line gaming.” This will notify all who set their watchlists to participate in your match or extended family.

Online Content

Some games, including the incredible “Mega Man: Powered Up” for the PSP, shall we customers create content material, and different customers download it at their amusement. For this, I’ve created a fourth Comment, entitled (you guessed it) “Online Content.” Put the code or locations of your person-created content here.


For extra immediately gratification functions, I’m going out on a limb. We all recognize that the Newsvine chat characteristic has been, let’s assume, much less than popular. So instead of depending upon that, which runs in a browser window that is required to be open, I’ve found an IRC room by using the name of #newsvine. Those who understand Internet Relay Chat are aware that it’s used closely with the aid of the geek and the trolls alike. Game enthusiasts traditionally utilize EsperNet, so I figured it was a great vicinity to set up the store. If the room gets busy sufficient, it would be perfect for a few simply placing around to begin a game.

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