Gamers play for 50 hours straight

An institution of six games in the Netherlands has tested that you truly can play video games non-prevent for days on give up without kicking the bucket — sleep is damned. The game enthusiasts immediately broke the Guinness World Record for non-prevent gaming by gambling for 50 hours over the past weekend. The ultimate time a trifling mortal reportedly tried to play a recreation for that long, he died of a heart assault. No, in reality.


The six Dutch gamers started out playing Rockstar’s new Wild West Sport “Red Dead Redemption” on PlayStation three machines beginning Friday night in Rotterdam. The players, all between the whole of 22 and 36, were brothers Edward and Maykel Leest, Sven de Vries, Renzo Bos, Robbie van Eijkeren and Marcel van Waardenburg.

Though the reported event began out as a remaining-man-standing type of opposition, there may be nothing like video games and sleepless nights to convey human beings together. As the competition improved, the Dutch game enthusiasts’ solidarity grew, and they unanimously determined to cease the marathon collectively after they hit the 50-hour mark.

“The contestants entered as rivals, however, left as buddies,” stated Gaz Deaves, a legitimate adjudicator of Guinness World Records who becomes reachable to oversee the marathon. The event became staged as a part of merchandising for the new TwistDock docking station — a device from European audio/video corporation Vogels that maintains sports controllers constantly charged.

Tjerk Mellink, a spokesperson for Vogels, said that the players had been allowed to take quick breaks. According to Guinness World Record guidelines, the competition was allowed a 10-minute destroy for each hour played and could collect damage time. For example, one player managed to build up time enough for an hour-and-a-half of a nap, Mellink stated.

Two medics were handy to preserve an eye fixed on the players’ fitness as well. Meanwhile, the game enthusiasts had been tested to ensure no capsules had been used to keep them unsleeping. And although the players were allowed to drink espresso, they were now not allowed to drink strength liquids, including Red Bull, Mellink stated.

What? No Red Bull? How is that even feasible?

“We felt Red Bull is so full of caffeine; it is bad for you in case you use an excessive amount,” Mellin said. “We wanted them to do that on their very own strength. Our essential aim was to maintain them healthful.” And what did the men get for their sleepless nights and cramped fingers? A cash prize of 1,000 Euros (approximately $1,296 US greenbacks), six TwistDocks, and (most importantly) Guinness World Record bragging rights.

You can watch several closing weekends’ file-breaking in motion right here, but you may best recognize what they’re announcing if you talk Dutch. The previous professional world record for non-prevent gaming was set in September 2009 by way of Chirantan Patnaik from India, who performed another Rockstar recreation — “Grand Theft Auto IV” — for 40 hours and 20 minutes. There is no word on whether or not the Dutch game enthusiasts will now try to interrupt the sector’s record for the longest time spent asleep.

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