Fight towards Benami residences can also affect homebuyers, banks

As the income-tax (I-T) branch digs deeper to dredge out so-referred to as became properties—ones held thru proxies of the actual proprietors—it’s far going through the unsightly prospect of attaching real property tasks under implementation, affecting builders, clients, and even banks.

Some of the houses underneath the branch’s scanner for which provisional attachment notices were issued can be under improvement, admitted four officers in the tax department. These officials, who asked now not to be identified, brought that they’ve begun the bodily verification of homes they’ve diagnosed as Benami.

Attachment of homes below improvement may be an “unmitigated catastrophe” for both leaders, and the embattled real estate region stated a pinnacle banker who requested not to be named. “It will trigger a series of defaults and purpose loads of inconvenience to homebuyers,” he introduced.

The department understands the results for not unusual humans, stated one of the I-T officers referred to above. There turned into plenty of deliberation internally. However, the department concluded that there had been no way out. Sadly for lenders and homebuyers, it’s miles almost impossible to pick out a became belongings from the recurring report looking.

The branch, which has formed separate teams across India to research became properties, has issued provisional attachment notices for over four hundred residences and connected homes worth Rs600 crore across 240 deals, consistent with a 24 May assertion from the Central Board of Direct Taxes. Most of these 400 houses are land and homes, even though financial institution deposits and jewelry are also blanketed.

In Kolkata, a key land aggregator is also underneath the branch’s scanner. Several properties owned using it within the town and its suburbs have already been attached, in line with the I-T officers. It isn’t without delay recognized whether its below-creation residential complex in north Kolkata had been connected. Still, tax department officers said the organization had been diagnosed as “a proxy for unknown beneficiaries,” and any belongings owned by its miles likely to be connected.


Mint is withholding the call on the request of the officials who worry naming the institution and its pursuits could disrupt the continuing investigation. The man at the back of the institution in Kolkata said the allegations had been “completely baseless” and that he might legally mission them at the correct time. “There was no concealment, and I have proven those properties in my books for at the least 10 years,” this person claimed. “If they are thinking the source of the price range, it is also quite without a doubt mentioned in my books.”

This instance is important as it highlights the larger issues concerned inside the taxman’s fight against Benami properties. Among the Kolkata-based organization homes, which has been attached, is a huge 17-acre plot inside the metropolis’s suburbs, where the organization is looking to expand a 3.1 million so. Ft industrial-cum-residential complex, in line with files reviewed using Mint. It isn’t straight away clear if the group had started to take bookings for this undertaking.


But a leading real estate developer in West Bengal has already started to construct the residential complex in north Kolkata on every other 3-acre plot owned by way of this organization, below development and advertising agreement.

“The mission became offered out inside hours,” stated the leader executive officer of the developer, clarifying that his business enterprise didn’t have any possession inside the land. Construction has begun, and a “fair amount of money” has already been invested in the venture he brought. Asked how he could cope with the potential attachment of the branch’s belongings, the developer said the authorities ought to connect the “proceeds from the sale” and no longer the assets themselves.

“If the belongings are attached, construction will have to be halted, which, to my mind, is beyond purpose,” this developer said.

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