Collective Consciousness Creates Our World

We aren’t human but electricity and mild. We all vibrate at specific levels. We chose to return to earth to develop, examine, enhance our vibration and evolve. Jesus is your brother. He vibrates at a better level. Raising our vibration is our intention.

You are your very own author. You create your global, and collectively, we create the world too. Everyone has always appeared out of doors of themselves for an assist, for fitness, for global exchange, for money, relationships, and many others. No longer figuring out which you are answerable for your personal lifestyles. It’s time to interrupt loose from looking on the outside to your desires and blaming others for your troubles.

My predominant focus is to inform you that together we also create the entirety else. Our collective thoughts create our climate, racial troubles, violence, poverty, and something else you sense desires changing. REMEMBER THIS IMPORTANT FACT, WHATEVER YOU BELIEVE YOU CREATE. You see, the powers that be knew this reality and have used it to their advantage.


What most of you do now not realize that your mind creates your final results. Whatever you consider is created to show you which you are accurate. Our thoughts have been manipulated for the beyond 26,000 years! We are presently ascending. Planet earth is experiencing a brand new technology of affection, peace, and concord. If your lifestyles are full of hysteria, strain, fitness issues, and fear, then you definitely are following their programming.

You live inside the matrix, trapped right into a low power vibration that created you to lose your memory of who you are. Now is the time to awaken to the truth of existence so collectively we can trade our world’s outcome. I wrote many articles and poems, approximately turning off the information as they genuinely have the best one cause in thoughts to keep you in fear. This management extends to the news, media, television indicates, and films. Nothing that happens is real, and that is all a phantasm. This phantasm has you harassed out, saved you unwell, irritated, complete of anxiety, and vain for your very own innate powers.



God has given every people the electricity to create something our heart’s preference, and these power-hungry people recognize this. Without knowing their plan, they devise what they need to perform by using you to get on their aspect. You have been their puppets.

Let’s look at the cutting-edge racial wars which might be now going on. They virtually planted the seed if you want to perform. How would you possibly ask? First, I would like to color a photo that will better understand my factor. Our poisonous meals and water delivery lead you to medical doctors and tablets. Drugs are designed to make you sick, not heal you. Twiggy became created, which elevated the makeup and food plan enterprise at the side of clothes and plastic surgery, and hair products, to call some. We do not need airplanes and automobiles for the tour as we’ve got the strength to journey everywhere globally just using the concept. Electricity and energy or cable bills are not needed as this was also created to extract cash from us. Illnesses had been created to hold us separate.

Borders had been created to boom their wallet and keep us separate. Our jail device, borders, and training are likewise ONLY approximately cash. Hollywood is a chief element in conjunction with the media of a wide variety. You believe you have to recognize what is going on in the world whilst fact, maximum, the entirety you believe you studied is happening is staged to keep you in fear and, therefore, to control you. Fear-based totally stories are written approximately not enough food, no longer enough water supply, terrorists, over the populace, murders, rapes, toddler abductions, and how our training device is dropping money. The powers that be realizes they’re dropping ground so that they keep flooding our news and internet with more worry-based totally testimonies.

So many people are awakening to so much of what I have stated. However, most people don’t understand that our collective thoughts create all these scenarios too. Television and the film industry have introduced us to separation and worry. Fear primarily based films create fear in you which ones in flip keeps you vibrating at a shallow level. Think about your fears. You worry about your future, your lively hood, your health, illnesses, growing older, other human beings, other countries, terrorists, wars, weapons, and so forth. Are you following me? The seed of race became planted, displaying us for years that blacks are not smart, are risky, and someone to fear. This has been flashed over news channels subliminally for years. It is continued via the media, TV shows, and films. Collectively you trust this, and so it is performed through the police force and others who believe this truth,

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