Cell Phones and Cell Phone Features You Cannot Live Without

It becomes not that long ago that mobile telephones had been a luxury, no longer a necessity. Anyone over the age of 30 will don’t forget the days while wi-fi phones had been massive and bulky with an average reception and restricted coverage at exceptional. As difficult as it is to imagine now, cellular telephones of yesterday had one characteristic and one feature most effective – to make and get hold of calls.

How times exchange… Even the maximum fundamental cellular telephones of 2007 % extra computing and navigational electricity than became used on early NASA area missions!

And as you will assume, business human beings have become emotionally connected to their personal cell phones and wireless technological devices. So much so that there are actually specialists treating addictions to advanced wireless devices together with the Blackberry and different email capable “clever” telephones. Studies have shown that addictions to mobile telephones and wi-fi Blackberry email are as effective as heroin addiction!

We have tracked down some of the modern-day mobile phones and capabilities that finally you could no longer be able to stay without. If you are afflicted by cellular smartphone or PDA addictions, this listing may additionally make it that a good deal harder to kick the dependency.

Wi-Fi Cell Phones

If you have ever had a call “drop out” for a quick time frame, you will recognize the introduction of the Wi-Fi cell telephone. This reachable tool can mechanically transfer between conventional mobile and Wi-Fi VoIP modes – even for the duration of the path of the normal communique.

Dense urban areas that contain large buildings made from concrete and metal preserve to pose troubles for conventional mobile indicators. These systems have a tendency to dam the radio frequencies had to hold wi-fi name connection to a “repeater” – the tool that alternatives up your sign and make the call feasible. If a smartphone is near the limit of a repeater’s range and the consumer walks from the outside to indoors, the decision can effortlessly be dropped out of the community.

The Wi-Fi cellular smartphone eliminates this dropout with the aid of routinely and seamlessly connecting to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot. With Wi-Fi turning into increasingly famous and full-size, look for many more handsets to carry this feature within the close to future.

The Breathalyzer-Enabled Cell Phone

You have been out celebrating a brand new merchandising with colleagues and business friends. No longer do you have to marvel at whether or not or not you have got had one too many to drive home. Introducing: The Breathalyzer Cell Phone.

The breathalyzer cell smartphone is a handset this is equipped with an integrated tool for detecting ethyl alcohol vapor on the breath. The Korean enterprise LG manufactures a breathalyzer cellular cellphone (LP4100) that is already in use by using lots of Korean clients.

Many predict this feature will be incorporated into more handsets from a spread of businesses sooner than later. The breathalyzer wi-fi cell phone is particularly available for the college-age crowd or for the enterprise person who is required to constantly entertain customers or potential customers. The breathalyzer cell phone will absolutely shop lives as its use turns into extra popular.

GPS-Enabled Cell Phones

GPS (worldwide positioning gadget) navigation technology has begun to be presented by means of wi-fi companies to assist manual customers to any deal with they want to locate. The newly ready GPS telephones are even capable of giving verbal directions in reaction to an cope with this is entered into the handset.

Practical uses for this generation are good sized for both a commercial enterprise and personal use. For salespeople, or for the ones whose jobs require them to journey to more than one locations in one day, the function may want to emerge as exceptionally addictive. On a non-public degree, maintaining song of teens is as clean as handing them a cell smartphone.

There is one company that offers a service that allows customers to form networks in order that anybody within the network can alert each person else in that community as to their modern-day place. Eventually, GPS might be general for all cellular telephones and wireless devices.

The “Screaming” Cell Phone

The screaming mobile smartphone is a characteristic that allows for the mobile cell phone handset to emit a noise just like a human scream inside the occasion that the cell phone is misplaced or stolen. Once mentioned, a machine administrator can begin to render the scream thru using a “kill transfer”. Once the noise starts offevolved, the tool turns into inoperable and all stored information is sooner or later erased.

Although “screaming era” does now not save you the theft itself or even the return of the handset, it does preserve touchy mobile telephone statistics out of the hands of the thief. As one could count on, it makes the offender of the crime extraordinarily conspicuous as well. This technology can be used with any transportable tool: cell smartphone, Blackberry, PDA, pager or even a pocketbook computer.

Personal Handyphone

Want a smartphone in order to characteristic as both a wi-fi and landline device? If so, the Personal Handyphone is for you. The only downside is that you need to live in Asia to use it.

Developed over 10 years in the past in Japan, the non-public Handyphone now boasts over 70 million customers. The tool is simple: a light-weight and portable wi-fi smartphone that features as a cordless phone inside the home and wireless mobile telephone anywhere else. It can now deal with voice, fax or even video signals.

Apple iPhone

Due out in June 2007, the Apple iPhone may also alternate the cellular phone panorama all the time. Navigation is as easy as flicking your finger throughout the screen. Of route, the cell phone comes with iPod functions and net surfing abilities. The ease of use of this telephone is a vintage Apple, a business enterprise that seems to make the entirety incredibly easy.

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