Blogging – Part Five: Trying to Understand the Psychology Behind It All

For a few years at the same time as in excessive-tech as a CTO, I became interested in the development and progression of chat systems from their first actual appearance in Internet land. Though this became now not a part of my normal ordinary walking of any of the companies that I worked with, it has become a hobby. I additionally gave seminars around the sector, entitled “The Technological Advance and Psychological Effects of Chat Systems.” These led me to use the time period “viral generation.” (This has nothing to do with laptop viruses – even though the manner it works is extremely the same.) The seminars then advanced to “Understanding The Nature of Viral Systems at the Internet.” Blogging In the following few posts, I will try to explain all this and why it is so crucial to remember the fact that in such reputedly simple things as getting a weblog up, operating, and making it famous. Viral Technology is an important element here. Until this factor, we have the simplest “scratched the end of the iceberg,” as the cliche goes. And there are such a lot of things to understand and address. However, being an author and author, my thoughts work on specific, very illogical connections at instances first and most important. I will try to get at inside the next couple of posts the expertise of ways the circle of content material-SE’s works, and what is crucial here. By using a manner of examples and the use of “actual lifestyles” understanding at the virtual Internet, we can get a higher grasp of what goes on and what it isn’t. It is important to understand that we are not coping best with the era here. We are coping with psychology, and the Internet has a manner of digging deep down into individual motivations and movements. Let me first give you an example I found to be incredibly thrilling and absolutely revealing. On one of the forum forums I on occasion log into, which is populated through a serious and pretty wise (for the most element) organization of humans, there are threads for just joking or ranting, as there are on all other Forums. Since many are “digital” buddies, those threads are populated by way of those who banter, provide and take, and funny story round sometimes to take a day without work from the vicissitudes of life. Sometimes individuals ask for critical advice regarding their own family and kids, and so on. Now one such member observed that her younger son had evolved a wonderful hobby (or so she concept) in her “boobs.” She wanted to know if this changed into normal for a child of that age to discover the difference between sexes. So she started a thread on the subject. However, the thread advance at the first extreme of the path, on account that all people there are “digital” friends joked. What became exciting to follow is that both Males and Females started joking approaches of the route to explain both the dimensions in their chests and/or how they preferred or disliked the male populace looking at them in the event they desired their breasts smaller or larger and many others. The males discovered the dimensions in their better halves and woman-pals chests and different things that would possibly call “intimate” understanding. Some even stated: “My (spouse or husband or boyfriend or lady friend) could no longer be satisfied if they knew I changed into writing approximately this.” All of this changed into achieved in a semi-serious and joking way. What changed into thrilling is that I am one hundred% sure some humans might type out a reaction, publish it, after which say to themselves, “Did I virtually say that in PUBLIC???” Based totally upon revel in and studies, I am willing to guess that a lot of those humans would NEVER take into account SAYING out loud what they typed – say at a party of friends or a dinner or a party.   The Internet makes us unfastened with our thoughts. It lets in our freedom that we do not otherwise have to reveal our “different-aspect.” The reasons for this are many, now not the least of which we’re in the back of a display. No one can see our facial expressions (not speakme about cams here – an entire distinctive situation) or our frame language. Most important – we can not be physically touched. There is continually that barrier. And it would be nice to keep that in thoughts. To be sure, there is a drawback of all this. Fakers, charlatans, human beings appearing as a person of the opposite gender – horror stories galore. However, one component cannot be denied: (This isn’t always the area to speak about this trouble. It is worth probably some hundred articles in and of itself. So I will leave it for now with simply the bankruptcy heading.) The Internet has created a whole new psychological examination of the human thoughts and how it really works. And this is CRITICAL to understanding why some things, a few sites, a few blogs – make it, while others, apparently a lot higher and a lot greater savvy, fall with the aid of the wayside. Obviously, we need our weblog to “make it.” One of the greatest original “pull” and “points of interest” of blogs is the capacity for plenty to get out their “private” thoughts to the sector at huge in a magazine or diary way. They can screen what they might be too scared or too shy to show with words and lips and mouth in a public placing of individuals all sitting around a desk. Though I, for one, do now not revel in or visit blogs of this nature, it remains actual that maximum bloggers are doing just that. And what’s of greater importance to understand is that most bloggers do not care what number of hits they get. It is the catharsis of having it out. The act of setting it “obtainable:” this is all critical. Since we are coping with generation and the desire to build a blog that WILL GET A FOLLOWING and hits, we need to recognize what motivates and pastimes humans to return to and study what we are posting and saying. Ought we to understand the WHY? In addition to the How? This, in reality, will result in a miles more complete know-how of the motivations of our members and site visitors to our blogs. Blogging The subsequent article on this collection defines “Viral Technologies,” and from there, we can have more expertise as to a way to start to unfold the phrase of our blogs with techniques that apply the technological and mental. Remember, although this is not a mathematical science. It is simply one of the ways to information about what is going on. It isn’t foolproof, nor does it usually paintings. But it will, in all likelihood, give us deeper know-how of the “virtual global” we sometimes live in, and likely extra importantly, better know-how of ourselves.

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