Bing Adds Expandable Featured Snippets to “See Full Answer”

Bing has added a new sort of featured snippet to their search effects, and placement proprietors possibly received are very glad about this one. Bing will show a common sized featured snippet, however rather than requiring a click through to the real publisher’s website for extra details or facts, Bing is presenting a new “see complete answer” expandable featured snippet, which shows even extra of the content material from the website the featured snippet is taken from.

This is considerably longer than a normally featured snippet we see from Bing or Google. This precise one is 131 phrases.


One of the drawbacks of having a featured snippet is that there’s the potential that the searcher will find the answer in the featured snippet and now not want to click thru. And for greater complicated answers that supply the simple answer in the featured snippet, however, calls for a click through for more information or the full instructions, having an expandable featured snippet negates the opportunity that a person could click through to the web page, whilst they could get all of it within the seek consequences instead.

It will be exciting to look comments to this fashion of featured snippet… I suspect while it might be helpful for searchers, publishers – who are seeing their content used without spending a dime – won’t be so glad about it.

Transgender Topics Featured on BBC Radio

I am amazed at simply how often BBC Radio is featuring transgender and other gender troubles in the mean time. I found this due to a telephone name from a BBC Look North journalist requesting some recommendation concerning youngsters transitioning. This became brought about by means of a 15-minute drama series on the issue on Woman’s Hour which changed into broadcast the week earlier than Christmas.

AE-45-1-2.jpg (1000×1000)

I hadn’t heard about the series so searched iPlayer and no longer most effective observed it, but got here throughout a Transgender hyperlink which found out no fewer than 14 recent clips, documentaries and plays offering transgender problems broadcast on BBC Radio. Enough to justify a Transgender problems page and maximum of these programmes are nevertheless available for more than one weeks.

The five component drama is written Mark Davies Markham referred to as Just A Girl. Addresses a thrilling subject matter I actually have in no way heard featured earlier than on both radio or TV. Amy turned into born a boy but now at 11 is dwelling as a female and desperate to have a remedy to block puberty. Faced with that choice, her father is locating it difficult to assist her and her grandfather refuses to look Amy as a lady. The play deals with the developing warfare in the family as all of them should come to phrases with the irreversible exchange they are all facing.

In the previous week the afternoon drama, the Giffnock Girls with the aid of Marcella Evaristi, capabilities three childhood buddies who reunite while PJ returns after years in New York, and now lives as a lady. The play is typically about human beings facing disaster, simply one in every of that’s the acceptance of PJ as a woman.

The following week some other afternoon play by way of Mateusz Dymek referred to as Pink Boy Blue Girl seemed to additionally address trans issues, but in fact, is exploring gender identity thru a couple who have determined to carry up their baby gender impartial. The couple has decided no longer to reveal to every person else what the kid’s proper gender is. This is a topic that has been in the information a few instances currently and parents making the same decision have come underneath large media stress. This play but, while beginning to explore this issue – is simply extra approximately the connection troubles of the couple than the gender issues of the kid.

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