Beauty and the Gig Economy

When actor Cara Santana first heard approximately Uber’s gig financial system model, she thought it absurd. She desired to rebuke the concept. But now, it’s a noun, verb, and adjective. In 2014 she took the same enterprise model and started The Glam App, which brings local make-up, hair, and nail artists to ladies trying to enhance their lives from home. Santana, additionally regarded for TV roles in “Salem,” “Santa Clarita Diet” and films “Reunion,” “Beverly Hills Chihuahua three: Viva La Fiesta!” and the imminent drama “Steps,” points out Uber has modified the way human beings see the loose market financial system and bolstered impartial contractors. CEO Santana best has 8 complete-time personnel with places of work in London and Los Angeles, yet Glam has over 30,000 energetic customers in 22 markets within the U.S. And U.K. and over 2,000 stylists.

The corporation lately partnered with L’Oreal for a distinctive artistry application known as the Glam Academy curated in collaboration with Beyoncé’s move-to artist Sir John who’s curating 4 new appears The Glam App this yr using L’Oréal Paris products. Workforce intern Ariel Parrella-Aurelia lately chatted with Santana, being an entrepreneur, hiring employees, and creating a robust employer subculture.

Workforce: Why did you pick the gig economic system structure for the app?

Cara Santana:

The contemporary-day working lady’s social culture, the millennial, is immediate gratification, convenience, accessibility. They sincerely accept as true with the form of the tradition becoming going to a place where, both due to time constraints or due to this want and ability to get most matters right away, the beauty industry could shape in. With 65 percent of ladies operating extra now than in 2008, you’ve got manifestly a subculture of millennials who’ve grown up wherein they can get matters when they want, whether or not it is Postmates or Tinder or something. We have to fill an actual want; that is splendor — it’s now not going anywhere. It felt like a herbal progression to use this model to the commercial enterprise of splendor.



It truly helped me be an “entrepreneur,” that is the time period I assume that gets thrown around lots, and being an actress, there are a variety of similarities. There isn’t any linear route; there’s no guide on how to get to fulfillment; you don’t do A and get to B. There is lots of rejection, creating your very own brand and identification as an actress and identical with a commercial enterprise. The turmoil and the struggle of “making it” within the performing global are very just like “making it” inside the small commercial enterprise entrepreneurial global. And thinking outside of the box, having a hard shell, being open to rejection, and listening to “no”—there are numerous similarities in it, organized me for resilience and march to the beat of my very own drum and trust in myself.



WF: How do you stability being a CEO and a movie star?


My mom has constantly taught me; you couldn’t do the whole lot on your very own. She has usually been an operating mother, ever considering that I can do not forget. When I began to build The Glam App, I knew inherently that I wasn’t going to construct it independently and make it a success. I surrounded myself with human beings whose strengths had been my weaknesses, whether it’s partnering with Joey, who had a totally sturdy, innovative, imaginative, and prescient, which isn’t truly my distinctiveness, or hiring a COO who become very sturdy in operations and hiring an assistant who could assist balance my agenda. That is a large crew, and such cohesion helped simplify and streamline the entirety I’m doing, and it lets me sincerely create that stability.

WF: How do you construct your body of workers in this enterprise?


The task of any commercial enterprise is hiring. When I talk to other CEOs and owners of agencies, it is constantly the team of workers. It would help if you actually created an organization that has a top subculture. You want to have like-minded humans operating for you. It is such an exciting time — millennials are actually the personnel. I am searching for a revolutionary, formidable, and creative expert who’s got the nice traits. However, Millennials have to offer a virtually robust painting ethic because a startup is just categorically extraordinary than some other type of environment. It is long hours — I work 80 hours per week, anybody on my staff quite plenty works 50 minimum, and we’re a small team, so you need to discover folks invested inside the motive who actually need to look The Glam App meet its capacity.

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