Apps streamline parking process for city residents

Several towns are partnering with non-public businesses to broaden cellphone apps that make buying parking a breeze for residents. Released in late May, the aptly-named app Asbury PARK collaborates with Asbury Park, N.J. Passport, cellular parking, and transit charge providers, in line with the Asbury Park Press. The app permits users to pay for parking, music, remaining time in their area, and remotely purchasing extension time in their space.

“Providing our parkers with the capacity to deal with their parking experience through their phone gives them the convenience they need,” Asbury Park Transportation Manager Michael Manzella told the APP. “With Passport constructing us a custom app, we’ve got an amazing possibility to rebrand parking in Asbury Park undoubtedly.”

In mid-May, Passport released a parking app for the University of Iowa and Iowa City, Iowa, the Iowa City Press-Citizen document. The new app has a similar capability to Asbury Park’s app. However, this app also gives emailed receipts, suppressing the previous incapacity to get tickets from parking meters within the location.

“If someone is traveling for enterprise and wishes receipts or a parking history, now they’ll have one,” Mark Rummel, partner director of transportation offerings for Iowa City, informed the Press-Citizen.

“It all gets again to convenience,” Jim Sayre, accomplice director of the University of Iowa Parking and Transportation, informed the Press-Citizen. “It looks like human beings bring change with them less and less often, which could be a brought option.” Sayre also stated that the metropolis and university might track parking behavior and traits through the app, which can inform future choices on parking.

Kingston, N.Y., will be rolling out a new parking app called Whoosh! For its city later this month to coincide with a boom in hourly parking charges, the Daily Freeman News reports. According to the app’s internet site, it’s made by an employer called Parkeon, and over 20 towns, universities, and parking organizations use it.

Like the Asbury PARK app, Whoosh! Kingston-based users will be permitted to pay for parking using their phones, including extending time to a given area at the same time as sending customers notifications if their parking is set to run out, in keeping with the Daily Freeman. The app has the added benefit of allowing users to carry parking time to different parking areas at some point in Kingston, “encouraging people to transport seamlessly between our enterprise districts,” Kingston Mayor Steve Noble instructed the Daily Freeman.


“Our intention with launching the Whoosh! The app provides an opportunity for cash,” Noble told the Daily Freeman. “We need to make having access to our commercial enterprise districts easier and easier, and in the end, we expect a section within the wide variety of tickets issued because of past-due meters.”

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