7 Best Mobile Apps for Playing Online

We are in an age where our mobile phones are more than just communication devices. They are our go-to devices for entertainment, social media, news, and work, and you can use them for your best online casinos. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that countless mobile apps are now available for users.

There are also many apps to choose from when it comes to gaming. But with so many alternatives, finding the ones worth your time can take time and effort.

So, this blog post will look at 7 of the best mobile apps for playing online games.

Draw Something Classic

Draw Something Classic is one of the best mobile apps for playing online. It is a fun and interactive game that allows users to draw pictures and guess the correct answer. The game is simple but has endless possibilities.

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Players can choose from various themes and draw something they think the other players will guess. Players are then allowed to guess what the other players have drawn. 

The game is a great way to have fun with friends, family, and strangers. It also provides a great way to practice drawing skills.

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour is a game app that allows users to play games on their phones. Players can race against each other in a variety of courses and modes. The game features well-known Mario Kart series characters, including Mario, Luigi, Peach, and more.

The game also features power-ups, boosts, and other items to enhance the experience. Players can customize their kart and driver and compete against friends or random opponents. Additionally, the game offers daily challenges and rewards.

Trivia Crack 2

Trivia Crack 2 is among the best mobile apps for online trivia. It features a colorful, eye-catching design and various questions and topics.

Players can challenge their friends or compete against other users in a single-player or multiplayer format.

The game allows users to customize their avatars and compete for daily rewards. The game includes six categories – Science, Entertainment, Art, Sports, Geography, and History and each type has hundreds of regularly updated questions.

The game also allows users to create and share questions with friends. With various questions, rewards, and customizations, Trivia Crack 2 is a great way to challenge your knowledge and have hours of fun!

WikiRaces 3D

Wiki Races 3D is an excellent mobile app that is perfect for playing online. It is a racing game that uses the world’s largest encyclopedia, Wikipedia, to create an exciting and challenging race. Players must navigate through Wikipedia articles and answer questions quickly and accurately.

The questions range from basic to advanced, requiring players to use their knowledge and research skills. Players can compete with others in real-time or compete against the clock in single-player mode. The game also has a leaderboard that allows players to compare their scores against others.

Would You Rather

Would You Rather is a popular mobile game app that allows users to play online with friends and family. The game involves asking questions in which the player should choose between two options. Players can create their questions or use the pre-set questions in the app.

The app allows players to invite friends to play online or challenge a random opponent. The game is easy to learn and gets played in various ways, allowing for plenty of replay value.

Players can compete to see who can answer the most queries correctly, or they can team up and choose the most popular answers.


Brawlhalla is one of the best mobile apps for playing online games. It’s an epic fighting game that allows players to battle it in intense online multiplayer battles, using various weapons and characters. Players can join in on the action and fight against other people from around the world or against their friends.

Brawlhalla offers a variety of game modes, including ranked and unranked, team battles, and tournament play.

Additionally, players can create their custom games and invite their friends to join them. The game has a vibrant, cartoon-like art style, and the controls are easy to learn.

Brawlhalla also includes an extensive character customization system and a variety of in-game rewards, making it an excellent game for all levels of players.

Scrabble Go

Scrabble Go is an online game app perfect for playing with friends and family. It is a classic board game adapted for mobile devices.

Players can create virtual rooms, invite friends for a game, and play together online. The game app has various difficulty levels, from beginner to expert, allowing players to customize their experience to their skill level.

Additionally, players can use in-app purchases to purchase virtual packs of tiles and other power-ups to make gameplay more exciting.


No matter what kind of game you’re looking for, there’s sure to be a perfect app. So what are you waiting for? Start downloading and start playing!

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