10 of the best food and drink hacks on the internet

Do you understand how to forestall macaroni cheese going hard? Or how to test your freezer is working even as you’re away? Have no worry, there’s an area on Reddit that has the solution.

LifeProTips is the subreddit you want for hints on whatever from computing to social interplay – and these days we’re searching at the fine its wonderful minds can offer on foods and drinks.

Get a notepad geared up, right here are 10 dining guidelines you may need to consider.

1. “Add a small quantity of milk to macaroni and cheese before reheating to preserve it from getting difficult.” – Nate tell

Milk is the important thing to smooth macaroni cheese (EzumeImages/ Getty Images)
2. “If you want to ‘vacuum seal’ food, positioned it in a ziplock bag and submerge it in a bowl of water with the bag open above the water. The water will push the air out of the bag, and you may near it without any left interior.” – SilverfireSage

3. “One 18 inch pizza is greater pizza than 12-inch pizzas.” – LeFrogKid

The place of an 18-inch pizza is set 61cm² more than 12-inchers (Steve Parsons/PA)

four. “Learn to observe food merchandise labeling carefully. ‘Made with one hundred%…’ is very one-of-a-kind to ‘made from one hundred%…’ – JoeinJapan

5. “Anything on a meals label that isn’t within the dull vitamins statistics phase is marketing material, no longer nutrients information.” – Corbin

7. “Do an internet look for which restaurants supply out unfastened birthday meals. When your birthday rolls around, your e-mail can be full of coupons totally free meals that don’t expire for about a month.” – Zach will

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hacker_internet_web_attack_580-100033460-orig.jpg (2417×1617)

8. “When making rice, just throw some broccoli on pinnacle while there are approximately 10 mins left. It’ll be perfectly steamed at the giving up and is a brilliant clean manner to feature a few vitamins with definitely 0 more work!” – az Edna ni

7. “Do an internet search for which restaurants supply out loose birthday meals. When your birthday rolls around, your e-mail will be full of coupons without cost meals that don’t expire for about a month.” – Zach will

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eight. “When making rice, just throw some broccoli on top while there may be about 10 mins left. It’ll be perfectly steamed on the cease and is a first rate easy manner to add some vitamins with surely 0 more paintings!” – azn Edna ni

Internet Marketing Can Be Very Beneficial – Use These Tips To Help You Get Started

If you want to make some more bucks, then maybe internet advertising is for you. When it involves internet advertising, a number of humans find interest in it, but few simply attempt it out due to the lack of knowledge. If you need to get began, then use the tips in this text to serve as a starting point in increasing your understanding approximately net advertising.

Successful advertising and marketing are occurring increasingly through Facebook. In specific, developing a “fan page” on your services or products is a superb way to offer a community for unswerving clients to have interaction and acquire special offers. You can disseminate information easily to precious clients on a venue that they nearly actually take a look at regularly.

An excellent manner to attach people to your web page is by means of such as key phrases to your URLs. Some URLs comprise variety and logos rather than words, which does nothing to help humans or search engines categorize your website. If important, put off the non-descript numbers, and trade your URL format in order that it uses two or 3 keywords.

To concentrate your efforts on selling one product, you can base your content material on it. Create an E-Book or an e-newsletter completely about the product. Potential clients will be capable of finding the answer to any of their questions very without difficulty. This manner you’ll no longer be overwhelming your reader with an additional content material.

To research extra strategies, you must pretend to be a consumer and spot what other dealers and entrepreneurs are doing inside the niche you’re interested in. Subscribe to other email lists, and analyze what attracts you and what makes you no longer need to buy the product. Adopt these strategies in your product.

Consider social media shops to be your friends. They will let you preserve your commercial enterprise and your website popping up into your customer’s lives. Many humans now get updates from those retailers sent immediately to their phone, meaning that you may usually have to get right to entry to on your customers.

Mindfulness and internet use: 3 tips for pleasant social media experiences

I’m assured I’m now not by myself when I say that my social media stories may be full of quite a few drama and negativity.

For me, part of that can be due to the fact I’m an information junky, and, regrettably, information is often … Heavy. That’s a pleasing manner to put it.

But there also are net trolls; there may be shaming of all kinds, heated political debates and absurd comments on news articles—all of which on occasion make me query the goodness of humanity.

And on-line, humans can and could be hateful about nearly anything. I lately found that seemingly there’s internet in-fighting amongst crafting and children’s garb Facebook organizations. *Facepalm.*

It’s an unhappy commentary on human nature that a few people feel empowered and eliminated sufficiently when on-line to hurl insults they likely would by no means say to a person’s face.

I understand lots of folks who prefer to keep away from social media altogether, however, I find too much cost in it to do this.

Social media and the internet are gear, and anyone can figure out a way to maximize use and do what is nice for his or her very own psyches.

Personally, I could instead figure out a way to apply the powers for proper whilst viable.

So I currently made the conscious attempt to like and comply with pages and debts which might be full of positivity. I delivered numerous mindfulness-associated Facebook pages and others I, in my opinion, connect with, together with a weblog referred to as The Mind of an Introvert.

Filling my Facebook web page with mindfulness suggestions and articles approximately meditation additionally enables job my memory—even when I’m gazing a computer—to honor my practices.

Here are three tips for growing a happier, more secure social media surroundings.

photo-1460794418188-1bb7dba2720d.jpg (1200×800)

Take control.
I’ve made an effort to curate a list that gives content that will inspire me, motivate me, make me laugh or make me sense a kinship. And I’ve been saving high quality, a laugh articles that pop up in my feed to examine later while the collective social media gloom begins to get me down.

The result is that I’m connecting greater with topics which are uplifting and exciting to me. Think mindfulness, meditation, song, intellectual health, psychology, podcasts, documentaries, history, the outdoors, infants, writing, spirituality, art, crocheting and lovable animals in costumes.

Each man or woman’s listing could be different, however, the factor is to take control of your debts and resist the urge to be sucked into the dark quiet of social media.

The ego loves drama, and if we aren’t aware of this truth, we can have a difficult time creating barriers and keeping a relaxed, happy demeanor. That’s actual in actual lifestyles and is occasionally magnified inside the bubble of Facebook, Twitter and so on.

As an apart, I turned into overdue to the Instagram bandwagon for anything cause, however, I find it to be more first-rate than some of the alternative platforms as it’s image-heavy. More quite pix and less venting into the void? I’ll take it.

Remember there is no responsibility.
There’s no requirement to engage in social media at all, and there is certainly no obligation to examine or respond to that rude comment. There’s no reason any longer to delete it, both.

There’s additionally no obligation to accept a pal request or allow someone to put up upsetting or unwanted content material on your page. And, normally, there is no want to explain yourself about it.

There’s no contract that says you can not hide or block a person or flip off distracting notifications.

None of this has to be finished in a hurtful way, and glaringly, conditions vary and may require unique reactions.

But it’s essential to set up obstacles and keep in mind that social media is a privilege of an advanced society. It’s a privilege to connect online, now not an obligation.

I by no means need to offend each person, but that feeling cannot outweigh my very own intellectual well-being.

And, on the alternative side of that, we ought to all attempt now not to take it in my view if a person doesn’t be given a chum request or love each remark we make. There are endless reasons for this that do not involve something nefarious or deliberately hurtful. Don’t take all of it so severely.