10 of the best food and drink hacks on the internet

Do you understand how to forestall macaroni cheese going hard? Or how to test your freezer is working even as you’re away? Not worry; there’s an area on Reddit that has the solution. LifeProTips is the subreddit you want for hints on whatever from computing to social interplay – and these days, we’re searching at the fine its wonderful minds can offer on foods and drinks.

Get a notepad geared up; right here are 10 dining guidelines you may need to consider.

1. “Add a small quantity of milk to macaroni and cheese before reheating to preserve it from getting difficult.” – Nate says

Milk is the important thing to smooth macaroni cheese (EzumeImages/ Getty Images)

2. “If you want to vacuum seal’ food, position it in a ziplock bag and submerged it in a bowl of water with the bag open above the water. The water will push the air out of the bag, and you may be near it without any left interior.” – SilverfireSage

3. “One 18 inch pizza is greater pizza than 12-inch pizzas.” – LeFrogKid

The place of an 18-inch pizza is set 61cm² more than 12-inches (Steve Parsons/PA)

4. “Learn to observe food merchandise labeling. ‘Made with one hundred%…’ is very one-of-a-kind to ‘made from one hundred%…’ – JoeinJapan

food and drink hacks

5. “Anything on a meals label that isn’t within the dull vitamins statistics phase is marketing material, no longer nutrients information.” – Corbin

6. “Do an internet look for which restaurants supply out unfastened birthday meals. When your birthday rolls around, your e-mail can be full of coupons totally free meals that don’t expire for about a month.” – Zach will

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7. “When making rice, throw some broccoli on the pinnacle while there are approximately 10 mins left. It’ll be perfectly steamed at the giving up and is a brilliant clean manner to feature a few vitamins with definitely 0 more work!” – az Edna ni

8. “Do an internet search for which restaurants supply out loose birthday meals. When your birthday rolls around, your e-mail will be full of coupons without cost meals that don’t expire for about a month.” – Zach will

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9. “When making rice, throw some broccoli on top while there may be about 10 mins left. It’ll be perfectly steamed on the cease and is a first-rate easy manner to add some vitamins with surely 0 more paintings!” – azn Edna ni

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To research extra strategies, you must pretend to be a consumer and spot what other dealers and entrepreneurs are doing inside the niche you’re interested in. Subscribe to other email lists, and analyze what attracts you and what makes you no longer need to buy the product. Adopt these strategies in your product.

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